10 Best Protein Supplement for Beginners

There is no doubt that protein helps build your muscle. But it is challenging to find the best protein supplement for beginners as you lack proper knowledge.

If you have started doing exercise in the gym and your trainer has suggested you to add a protein supplement to your diet or it’s your first time buying a protein supplement, this long guide is for you.

We recommend you, please read buying guide for protein supplements for beginners before making your final decision.

Best Protein Supplement for Beginners

What is Protein?

Protein, like carbs and lipids, is a macronutrient (a nutrient that the body requires in significant amounts) that supplies energy (calories) and is necessary for muscle growth.

When we say “protein creates muscle,” we’re referring to the fact that the body breaks down protein into amino acids, which are then produced into muscle.

Amino acids, sometimes known as the “building blocks of protein,” are chemical molecules involved in several biological functions, including brain function and muscle synthesis. Amino acids account for 80% of muscle mass.

When it comes to protein, each molecule is made up of 20 distinct amino acids, which are divided into two categories:

Non-essential amino acids and essential amino acids are two types of amino acids (EAAs)

  • Non-essential amino acids are those produced by the body on their own.
  • Essential amino acids (EAAs) are amino acids that the body does not generate naturally and must be obtained from food or supplements.

10 Best Protein Supplement for Beginners Reviewed

As a beginner having complete knowledge about protein supplement is challenging. Below we have reviewed the top protein supplement for you.

Muscle Blaze Beginner’s Whey Protein

good protein powder for beginners

Key Features

  • Comes in Three Flavors

  • Concentrate form of Protein

  • 12gms of Protein per 30gms of Serving

  • Nine essential Amino Acids

Our first recommendation for the best protein supplement for beginners is Muscle Blaze beginner’s whey protein. It has 12.0g of protein in 30g of serving (40%* of the serving) with zero added sugar.

It gives you whey protein concentrate as the primary source of protein in the supplement.

It provides an impressive amount of other required ingredients like 5.5g of EAAs and 2.6g of BCAA’s. It helps keep the body in an anabolic state and muscle gains post-workout.

Moreover, this product is free from any banned substance or doping ingredients as per NADA/WADA list.


  • Vegetarian protein powder
  • Comes in 5 delicious flavours
  • Zero sugar added
  • 9 essential amino acids
  • Authentication through SMS
  • Economical in price


  • None

My Fit Fuel MFF Whey Protein 80

basic body building supplements

Key Features

  • Soy Free

  • Comes in 8+ Flavors

  • Low in carbs with No Sugar

  • Concentrate Source of Protein

  • 25.3gms of Protein per 34.5gms serving

MyFitFuel MFF whey protein gives you complete information about your protein in ‘dry basis’ and ‘as-is basis’. It is the best workout supplement for beginners.

It has 26.4 gm (dry basis) and 24.3 gm (As is basis) of imported protein in every 32.8 gm serving in unflavored variant. 25.3 gm (dry basis) and 23.5 gm (as is basis) of imported protein in every 32.8 gm serving in coffee caramel flavor. 23.5 gm (dry basis) and 21.7 gm (as is basis) of imported protein in every 32.8 gm serving in rich chocolate delight flavor.

(Note: AS-IS basis refers to the actual amount of usable protein. Dry protein=AS IS basis + moisture)

MyFitFuel is trusted by 100,000+ happy customers and comes with a scratch code on the product. You can authenticate every MyFitFuel product through SMS or on the MyFitFuel website with the code.

Plus, it is the best protein powder for beginners as it provides BCAA up to 4.9 gm, glutamine upto 3.6 gm, and 10.6 gm essential amino acids in every serving.

It is low in fat & carbohydrate—ultra-pure lab-tested protein & ideal for beginner lean muscle growth.

Furthermore, this whey protein is without any side-effects as it has no soy protein, no dairy whiteners, no skim milk powder, no sugar, no color, no artificial flavor or preservatives added.

This company holds the goodwill of providing complete 100% transparency and knowledge to the consumer.


  • Available in 8+ flavors
  • No cheap fillers
  • Authentication through SMS
  • Economical in price
  • Good zip lock packaging
  • No added sugar


  • Slightly sticky lumps while mixing
  • Some customer complain for bitter taste

Advance Muscle Mass Whey Protein

best protein shake for beginners

Key Features

  • Vegetarian Product

  • 25gms protein in 32gms of serving

  • Unflavoured Protein

  • Whey Protein Concetrate is source of Protein

Advance muscle mass whey protein comes with 25g protein and 5.5g BCAA per serving makes it the best supplement for working out.

If we talk about the quality of this whey protein, Advance muscle mass whey protein is manufacture using whey from the United States of America. It ensures the quality of the protein as per international standards.

Moreover, the primary protein source is concentrate whey protein, which is considered the most superior form of protein.

However, consumers aiming for muscle gain should mix one scoop (32g) in 180-200 ml water and take 1-2 shakes per day.

It has pure and natural whey protein from the manufacturing source.


  • Pure vegetarian protein powder
  • No addictive
  • No filler
  • No preservatives
  • No flavor and color
  • Mix well with water or milk
  • Additional 5.2g BCAAs and 4.1g Glutamine per serving


  • Some customer complaint minor bloating after drinking protein powder
  • Unflavored protein powder

Big Muscles Nutrition Premium Gold Whey Protein

weight lifting protein powder

Key Features

  • Comes in Three Flavors 

  • Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate is the Source of Protein

  • Comes with Authentication Code

  • 25gms of Protein per 35gms Serving

Big Muscle Gold whey protein has an advanced formulation. It gives you a combination of two very effective types of protein in one powerful blend. Both the blend (ultra-filtered whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate) are source from the USA.

It delivers 25g protein, 5.5g branched amino acids(BCAA), 4g glutamic acid, and zero sugar per serving. These ingredients make this protein supplement the best protein supplement for beginners.

It gives you an ultimate blend for bodybuilders, athletes, fitness professionals. It helps to promote muscle growth, counteracts muscle breakdown, and supports your workout recovery.

Moreover, it has 100% pure ingredients, and advanced processing. It ensure the nutrients of the whey protein are preserve to their best form.

Most importantly, every box comes with a unique LV code and barcode. Barcode can be scan via ‘lets verify mobile application’ to check product authenticity. Thus it is 100% authentic product.


  • Comes in 3+ flavor
  • No added sugar
  • Comes with essential amino acids
  • Faster recovery
  • Additionally 5.5g BCAAs and 4g GLUTAMIC ACID
  • No added soy
  • Fast digestion


  • Some customer experience little awful taste

Nakpro Perform Whey Protein

top fitness supplements

Key Features

  • Comes in 6+ Flavors

  • 24gms of Protein per 33gms of Serving

  • No Artificial color, Flovors and Addictives

  • Added Digestive Enzymes

  • Comes with BCAA and Glutamic acid

NAKPRO Perform whey protein is 100% imported whey protein concentrate supplement powder. It delivers 24g of protein per 33g serving size, and it is the best protein powder for beginners.

One of the notable points for this whey protein is that it has no artificial color, flavor, additives, fillers and has zero sugar with no banned substances and chemicals.

Most importantly, whey protein concentrate is the source of protein in this supplement. It helps you build lean muscle, enhances recovery, supports healthy metabolism, and reduces muscle loss.

Moreover, it is the best whey protein concentrate globally. It has the highest BCAA and EAA and superior amino acid profile, Glutamic acid 4.7g and BCAA 5.7g per serve.

It easily dissolves in water or milk, leaving no lumping or residue. Customers should mix one scoop (33g) in 180-200 ml water for the best results.


  • Comes in 6+ flavor
  • Economical in price
  • Authentication by scanning QR code
  • No added sugar
  • No banned substance
  • No added preservatives
  • No added artificial color
  • Additionally 5.7g BCAAs and 4.7g Glutamine per serving
  • Vegetarian protein powder


  • Little bit of mixability issue

MuscleXP Raw Whey Protein

body building supplements for beginners


  • 24gm Protein Per 30gm Serving

  • 3.0gm Carbs Per 30gm Serving

  • 1.20gm Fat Per 30gm Serving

  • 0.0gm Sugar per 30gm Serving

  • Concentrate Form of Protein

  • Unflavoured Protein Powder

MuscleXP raw whey protein is imported from the USA and packed in India, meeting the highest quality standards. The whey is gluten-free, soy-free, antibiotic-free, and does not contain artificial flavor.

However, each scoop of our MuscleXP raw whey protein has 24g protein with no added sugars. Customers pick levels because it is a healthy method to gain lean muscle, increase fitness, and improve overall health.

Additionally, it is so effective because it provides a more absorbable source of protein than any other type of food or supplement, and it’s easy to digest. It’s no surprise that it’s become one of the most popular protein supplements available today.

To use whey protein, add one scoop of a high-quality powder to any shake or smoothie. Protein shakes an easy and portable way to increase your daily protein consumption, build muscle mass and boost your immune system.

Furthermore, it comes with 4g of L-glutamine and over 5.15g of naturally occurring BCAAs per serving with a complete amino acid profile. It contain 80g pure whey protein per 100g serving.


  • Enriched with Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Amino Acids
  • Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein
  • Vegetarian Supplement
  • Includes Digezyme for Fast Digestion
  • No Added Flavor
  • Includes BCAA Which Promotes Active Recovery
  • Gluten-Free


  • Unflavored Whey Protein

1 Scoop Nutrition Raw Whey Protein Powder

beginner supplements


  • 24gm Protein Per 30gm Serving

  • 2.0gm Carbs Per 30gm Serving

  • 1.95gm Fat Per 30gm Serving

  • 0.0gm Sugar per 30gm Serving

  • Concentrate Form of Protein

  • Unflavoured Protein Powder

1 Scoop Nutrition raw whey protein contains 24g protein, 122 kcal, 5.2 g BCAA that supercharges your body. Each scoop of 1 Scoop Nutrition raw whey protein has 24g protein with no added sugar.

However, it has an excellent source of high-quality protein. It contains whey protein in its purest form, and it sources its whey protein from the USA.

Moreover, it contains no added flavors, no added chemicals, no added sugar and has the lowest carbs per serving.

You can add one scoop of a high-quality powder to any shake or smoothie. Protein shakes an easy and portable way to increase your daily protein consumption, build muscle mass and boost your immune system.


  • Help boost immunity
  • No preservatives
  • Comes with digestive enzymes
  • Economical in price
  • Includes all essential amino acids
  • Vegetarian supplement


  • Unflavored
  • Not suitable for lean body mass

Six Pack Nutrition Raw Whey Protein

exercise supplements for beginners


  • 24gm Protein Per 30gm Serving

  • 2.0gm Carbs Per 30gm Serving

  • 2.0gm Fat Per 30gm Serving

  • 0.0gm Sugar Per 30gm Serving

  • Concentrate Form of Protein

  • Unflavoured Protein Powder

Six Pack Nutrition raw whey protein is whey in its purest form, as each serving contains 24g protein, 10.9g EAA including 5.4g BCAA and 4g glutamic acid.

However, it is an unflavored whey protein concentrate with 80% protein content and provides 40% RDA of protein in a single serving.

Moreover, when combined with proper training and a balanced diet, six-pack Nutrition’s raw whey assists in achieving lean muscle.

Furthermore, this raw whey is naturally gluten-free and free of any banned substances, additives, flavors, sweeteners, sugars or preservatives.

Lastly, the neutral taste of Six Pack Nutrition’s raw whey gives you the flexibility to add to any food or beverage of your choice.


  • Authentication through unique QR code
  • No synthetic food color
  • No banned substance
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial sweetener
  • FSSAI certified
  • Includes BCAA and Glutamic acid
  • Easy to digest


  • Unflavored

Fitness Standard Whey Protein

best gym supplements


  • 24gm Protein Per 30gm Serving

  • 2.1gm Carbs Per 30gm Serving

  • 1.80gm Fat Per 30gm Serving

  • Concentrate Form of Protein

  • 0.0gm Sugar per 30gm Serving

  • Unflavoured Protein Powder

Fitness Standard’s whey protein concentrate imported from the USA is the best and purest whey protein concentrate.

However, you put one scoopful (30g) of Fitness Standard’s whey protein concentrate in 200ml of your choice of beverage, and it instantly dissolves.

It gives the highest protein per serve. You get 24g protein per 30g serving size.

Additionally, it contains super amino acid profile. It has the highest BCAA of 6.54g per 30g serving size.

Moreover, it has the best in class absorption rate. It has imported whey protein concentrate form, which provides the highest absorption rate and quick digestion, allowing for quick increases.


  • No additives
  • Boost muscle recovery
  • 6.5gm BCAA per serving
  • FDA approved
  • Reasonable price
  • Mixability is good


  • Unflavored

Scitron Raw Whey Protein

working out supplements


  • 24gm Protein Per 30gm Serving

  • 1.35gm Carbs Per 30gm Serving

  • 2.1gm Fat Per 30gm Serving

  • Concentrate Form of Protein

  • No Added Sweetener

  • Unflavoured Protein Powder

Scitron raw whey is a protein supplement that is unflavored and unsweetened and has 24 grams of protein every 30-gram intake.

It’s also high in naturally occurring amino acids and readily absorbed, which helps maintain and enhance lean muscle mass. For gym-goers, it is the greatest protein powder.

It does not, however, come with any additional flavoring. You can add any flavor you like to Scitron raw whey protein.

It also aids in delivering more exceptional improvements in strength, muscle, and lean body mass, allowing you to get the most out of your workout. It is the greatest protein powder without side effects.


  • Economical in price
  • Free from preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Help in increasing immunity
  • Premium ingredients from USA
  • Contain 9 essential amino acids
  • Easily soluble
  • Digests well without any bloating


  • Taste like raw milk/Unflavored

Buying Guide of protein for Beginners

Source of Protein

Whey protein comes in various sources like concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate. As a beginner, you should start with a concentrated form of whey protein. That too you should consume post your work out which can be in the morning or the evening.


If you are not so particular about flavor, you can buy unflavored/raw whey protein, which comes without any added flavors and preservatives. Although protein powder is coming in different flavors nowadays, you can choose anyone you like the most and easily intake every day.


As a beginner, you are dependent on your parents in most cases, and it isn’t easy to spend much on expensive protein powder that comes around 3000INR per kg.

We never suggest you invest that much as it is not required as a beginner. Always look for a concentrate whey protein which will come in a budget of 800INR-1200INR per kgs, which is sufficient and work well on your body.

Read the label on the box

Always develop the habit of the reading label on the back of the protein box/pack. You will get complete information about how much protein you are getting per serving and what other ingredients you are getting with a protein supplement, which will help you make a better decision.

How does protein powder work in your body?

Every beginner comes through this question how protein powder helps build or grow muscle? When it comes to increasing your muscle size, there are only two methods to do so


In hyperplasia, you increase the number of cells or tissues of that particular organ or body part to enlarge it.

In hypertrophy, you increase the tissue or cell size, which are already in your organ or body part.
When it comes to muscle building, your body can’t rely on increasing the number of tissue called hyperplasia that how it prefers making it by hypertrophy.

How does muscle hypertrophy works?

If you see your muscle under the microscope, you will see long muscle fibre is running along the length of the cell.

These are known as myofibrils and are full of protein-based fiber. when the muscle cell makes more of this protein fiber, they become bigger and stronger.

When you do resistance weight training, myofibrils breaks down. With the help of protein diet/protein supplements, you are able to repair these myofibrils by making them bigger and stronger.

The whole process of breaking down your myofibrils and then repairing them with protein intake make your muscle grow in size and strength.

Protein Powder: How to Use It

It would be best if you did not use protein powder to replace healthy protein sources in your diet because high protein meals also contain other nutrients such as fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

Still, because you may use protein powder in various ways, supplements can be a simple and handy method to enhance your protein consumption.

To make a smoothie, mixing it with a beverage, such as water or milk, or blending it with other ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, is the easiest method.

You may also add protein powder to everyday dishes like yoghurt, cereal, and dips.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding protein powder as a supplement or a substitute.

Most Effective Time to Consume Protein Supplement

Your health objectives determine the optimum time to consume protein powder. Each day, you may choose to eat one large or numerous little meal of protein.

If you want to lose weight, consider eating more high-protein foods throughout the day since research suggests that boosting your protein consumption can help you lose weight by reducing your hunger and cravings.

When it comes to utilizing protein powder to increase athletic performance or endurance, the timing of your intake is primarily determined by your overall fitness goals.

For muscle growth, for example, you should consume protein powder within 2 hours of your weightlifting workout.

Consuming reasonable amounts of protein throughout the day may also assist older individuals in avoiding muscle loss.

Finally, some studies show that consuming protein powder before going to bed may aid muscle recovery.

Who can take whey protein?

If you want to build muscle, gain weight or lose weight, you can intake whey protein. To achieve any of these goals it depends upon how quantity you need to consume according to your body weight and desired goal.

If you want to gain weight or build muscle, you can intake concentrate whey protein, but if you’re going to lose weight, you should preferred buying isolated whey protein.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the best time to drink protein powder for beginners?
The best time to drink protein supplements is post-workout and in the morning, just after waking up.

Post your workout; you need protein to repair your muscle that you have tear during your training. Protein supplement helps you rebuild your muscle and making them stronger and bigger in volume. You can take a protein supplement within 30 minutes after your exercise.

If you have a morning exercising routine, you can take your morning protein supplement in the evening and other drink post workouts.

2.Is it safe to take protein supplements?
Of course, a protein supplement is safe to intake. Our body needs protein, whether you take it from your diet or take it from a supplement. If you are in any exercising routine, your body needs more protein than an average person who is not in any exercising practice.

The only question that arises is how much protein you need to consume in a day? It all depends on factors like how much activity you perform, gender, age, and health.

3.What is the best protein to lose weight in India?
No protein supplement will help you lose weight. But you can buy isolate or hydrolysate forms of protein with low or zero carb and help you develop and increase only muscle mass in your body.

So if you are working out hard, it will help you reduce fat(which may lead to weight loss), and protein enables you to increase strength and muscle in your body.

Wrapping up

Above are the best protein supplements for the beginner, which we have shared in this article.

Protein supplement comes with a high protein quality with added carbs and other essential nutrients for your body.

If you have any other option, which is better than the above ten protein supplement, we appreciate you to share with us in our comment box.

Thank you for reading our article

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