10 Cheap and Best Treadmill in India

If you are looking for the best treadmill in India that fits well in your budget, this long guide about the cheap and best treadmill in India is written for you, and it will provide you with detailed information about it.

Our team has researched well for this topic and will provide you with all the information without any personal preference and choice. We have listed all the best treadmills under 20,000INR, which are available with full features and trusted by many people.

Cheap and Best Treadmill in India

Durafit Atom 1.5 HP Treadmill

best treadmill brands in india with price

Key Features

  • 2.5 Horse Power DC Motor

  • LED Display for Time, Distance, Speed and Calories.

  • Maximum Use Weight: 90kg(walking), 60kg(running).

  • Speed Range: 1.0-10km/hr

  • Running Area: 40.5inch(L)x14.9inch(W)

  • Heart Rate Sensor

  • Wheels for easy Transportation

  • 12 Preset Programs

  • Mp3 Player with Bluetooth Connectivity

Our first recommendation is the Durafit Atom 1.5HP motorized treadmill for home. This treadmill has a 1.5 HP continuous duty (CHP) DC motor with a peak output of 2.5 HP.

Durafit comes with an excellent running area of 1030*380 mm and a run belt thickness of 1.8mm. It gives a good speed range of 1.0-10 km/hr.

On the downside, it does not come with inclination features. However, it has a vertical manual-folding System for easily moving and storing the treadmill.

It also comes with an emergency stop key button and an MP3 player with loudspeakers to connect via Bluetooth to listen to music during Workout.

In terms of user weight, it gives the max weight of 90 kg and max user weight of 60kg(running) (Note: always choose a treadmill that has user weight capacity at least 20 kg more than your current weight since the impact weight increases during running)

Moreover, it gives you a wide LED for showing time, speed, distance, and calories burnt.

One of the notable features about this treadmill is that it has 12 preset programs plus target mode, which help you set and chase targets in speed, distance, calories, time.

However, it gives a one-year doorstep warranty on parts, a three-year doorstep warranty on the motor and five years of frame warranty.


  • 12 pre-set programs
  • MP3 player with loud speakers
  • Vertical folding system
  • Emergency stop key with smooth stop system
  • Comes with an easy return policy


  • Does not have incline
  • Max user weight 60kg(running)
  • Maximum speed up to 10km/hr

Lifeline Manual Treadmill

top 5 treadmill brands in india

Key Features

  • Material: Alloy Steel And Plastics

  • Manually Operated

  • Three Level Manual incline.

  • Electonic Meter which Displays Speed, Distance, Calories Burned, Time, Scan and Pulse Rate.

Lifeline Manual Treadmill comes in the runner-up for the cheap and best treadmill in India. It has a dashboard with an electronic meter that displays speed, distance, calories burned, time, scan, and pulse rate.

This model is foldable and easy to store, which give user maximum space utilization.

Moreover, the treadmill has easily adjustable three different inclination levels that need to be manually adjusted, which helps to walk or jog on the same machine.

The downside of this product, it has to be assembled using an installation manual provided in the package. On-site installation is not available.


  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Three level incline
  • Electronic meter for display time, speed, distance, calorie burnt and pulse rate.


  • Manually operated
  • No display
  • On-site installation is available

Healthgenie 3412MT Treadmill

good treadmill brands in india

Key Features

  • 5 in1 Manual Treadmill comes with Jogger, Stepper, Twister, Push-up-bar & Pulse Sensor.

  • Digital Meter for measuring Speed, Distance, Calories, Time and Pulse rate.

  • Treadmill Material: Iron

  • Maximum User Weight upto 120 kg

  • Platform size of 114x34cm

Healthgenie is a five-in-one manual treadmill for home use that comes with five additional features: jogger, stepper, twister, push-up-bar, and pulse sensor.

It comes with a digital meter that measures speed, distance, calories, time and pulse rate while running. The pulse sensors are attached to the handles used to measure pulse rate while running.

Additionally, a three-Level manual incline is present for power training.

The platform size of the manual treadmill is 114x34cm. It is made up of thick and robust metal rods for heavy pounding. The weighing capacity of a manual treadmill is approx 120kg.

Healthgenie five-in-one manual treadmill comes with an easy foldability feature. Wheels are given at the bottom for portability.

Healthgenie manual treadmill is a lightweight exercise equipment that helps burn calories, lose weight, reduce belly fat, and improve fitness.

The warranty comes with a three-year warranty against the frame, one year warranty on plastic & other parts.


  • Comes with five different functions such as jogger, stepper, twister, push-up-bar & pulse sensor.
  • Three-level incline
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Light weight equipment
  • Pulse sensors on handles
  • Digital meter for measuring speed, distance, calories, time and pulse rate
  • Does not need electricity to operate


  • Manually operated
  • No LED/LCD display

Monex Body Gym Treadmill

treadmill review india

Key Features

  • Three Level Manual Incline

  • Display Type: LED

  • This comes with four different functions such as Jogger, Twister, Push-up Bar and Stepper. 

  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel

  • Foldable Treadmill

Monex BodyGym treadmill comes with four additional functions: Jogger, Twister, Push-up Bar, and Stepper and is best treadmill for home in India.

You can use this treadmill without electricity as it is a non-motorized treadmill machine for home use, and it is portable and easily foldable and comes with wheels for moving the machine.

Moreover, it comes with an electronic LED meter for measuring speed, distance, calories, time, and pulse.

This model has a three-level manual incline provision and twister that helps slim the thighs, waist, and hips. Thick and robust metal rods for heavy pounding. Wheels are provided for moving the machine easily.

Lightweight exercise equipment to burn calories, lose weight and reduce belly fat and improve fitness.

A manual treadmill helps to workout from the convenience of home in front of the TV.


  • Jogger, twister, push-up bar, stepper included
  • Foldable and portable
  • Three level incline
  • LCD display
  • Wheels for transportation
  • Does not need electricity to operate


  • Non-motorized treadmill

Kobo Fitness 1 H.P Treadmill

treadmill for home

Key Features

  • 1.0 HP Green Efficient Motor

  • LED Display of Speed, Distance, Time and Calories.

  • Max User Weight: 80 kg.

  • Speed Range: 0.8-8 km/hr

  • Running Area: 39.4inches(L) x 15 inches(W)

Kobo Fitness treadmill comes with a 1.0 HP hi-torque DC green, efficient motor with four LEDs for speed, time, distance and calories.

Kobo fitness treadmill gives max user weight of 80 kg with a speed limit of 0.8-8 km/hr.

Moreover, it gives one year warranty on the motor and parts.

It also offers you a safety key that helps stop your running treadmill belt immediately if you fall while walking or running on the treadmill.

The running belt is made of 2 ply urethane and 1.4mm thick.


  • LCD display for speed, distance, time and calories
  • Consume less electricity
  • 1.0 HP hi-torque DC green efficient motor
  • Safety key for emergency stop


  • Maximum speed limit 8 km/hr

Welcare Maxpro Treadmill


  • 2.0 Horse Power Motor

  • LED Display for Speed, Distance, Time and Calories Burned.

  • Max User Weight: 90kg

  • Speed Range: 1.0-8 km/hr

  • Running Surface: 44.3 inches(L)x16.7 inches(W)

  • Built in Wheels for Transportation

  • 12 Preset Workout Program

The 2 HP quiet motor on the Welcare Maxpro treadmill operates quietly regardless of the pace or strength of the exercise.

This treadmill has a multi-functional LED monitor that shows the user’s pace, distance, time, and calories burned.

However, it has a broad speed range of 1.0–8 km/hr. You can adjust the treadmill’s speed via remote control to suit your physical condition and exercise requirements.

It has a wide walking area of 1125x425mm, a shock-absorbing structure, and a noise-reducing anti-skid running belt. It protects your back, joints, knees, ankles, and muscles by providing comfortable cushioning.

When you’re not using it, a folding design with built-in wheels helps you stack it upright in a cupboard or under a bunk. It’s space-saving and simple to set up almost anywhere in your house, making it a great addition to your everyday workout routine.

It also supports a maximum weight of 90 kg. It comes with a one-year motor warranty, a one-year parts warranty, and a lifetime frame warranty.


  • Economical in price
  • You can adjust you speed via remote control
  • Foldable and you can slot it under a bed 
  • Shock absorbing and anti-skid running track
  • Comes with lifetime frame warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Thinner running track
  • Quiet motor


  • It give maximum speed limit only up to 8km/hr
  • It supports user weight only up to 90kgs

Sparnod Manual Treadmill


  • Manual Treadmill

  • Three Level Manual Treadmill

  • 5 LCD Display for Time, Speed, Calories burned, and Steps

  • Max User Weight: 120kg

  • Running Surface: 43 inches(L)x15inches(W)

  • Wheels for Easy Transportation

The Sparnod manual treadmill has a non-slip running surface that can accommodate up to 120kg of weight.

Most importantly, it’s a tiny and light treadmill that’s ideal for cramped quarters. This treadmill is robust and can endure power walking or light jogging with an 1100x400mm/43×15 inch running surface.

You can also improve the difficulty of your exercise by using three manual incline levels to simulate walking or running uphill and burn more calories.

The LCD monitor allows the user to track time, distance, calories burned, and steps, which aids in creating goal-specific workouts.

On the other hand, the treadmill is a non-electric model that is ideal for conserving energy without sacrificing efficiency. This also eliminates the need for an electrical outlet and allows for convenient positioning in your living room.

Furthermore, this treadmill will aid at the beginning of your fitness journey by assisting users in increasing blood circulation, bone density, muscle strength, balance, mood, and coordination.


  • Sturdy non-slip running surface
  • You can run this treadmill without electricity
  • You get push up bar, twister and stepper with this treadmill
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Light on weight
  • Comes in very affordable price
  • Easy to install and use


  • Only suitable for people who are looking manual treadmill

Lifelong Fit Pro Treadmill


  • 2.0 Horse Power DC Motor

  • 2 Level Manual Inclination

  • LCD Display

  • Max User Weight: 100kg

  • Speed Range: 1.0-12km/hr

  • Running Surface: 39.3 inches(L)x14.9 inches(W)

  • Wheels for Easy Transportation

  • Comes with Heart Rate Sensor

  • 12 Preset Workout Program

Lifelong Fit Pro is equipped with a powerful 2HP (Continuous) efficient DC Motor with easy lubrication for easy maintenance.

Although it has a maximum user weight capacity of 100kg and a maximum speed of 12km/hr for extensive workouts at home, it provides shock absorption with eight rubber pads under the deck.

Moreover, it has a manual incline upto two levels near the running belt and has a heart rate sensor, bottle holder and convenient phone/tablet, holder.

Additionally, it has an anti-skid rubber surface with a high-density belt for maximum comfort & safety. The large 6-layer 1000*380mm running belt gives lots of space to walk, run or sprint comfortably.

Furthermore, this treadmill provides 12 Preset workout options with a 750W motor and doesn’t need a voltage stabilizer. It comes with wheels for easy mobility.

If we talk about its warranty, it has a three-year warranty against the frame, one-year motor warranty and one year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects.


  • Convenient smart phone and tablet holder
  • Anti-slip texture running track
  • Foldable treadmill
  • Inbuilt speaker connects via USB/AUX
  • Super shock absorbing running track
  • Easy to install and run
  • Economical in price


  • It is bit noisy

Durafit Spark Treadmill


  • 1.25 Horse Power DC Motor

  • LED Display for Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse Rate

  • Max User weight: 95kgs(Walking), 65kgs (Running)

  • Speed Range: 1.0-12 km/hr

  • Running Surface: 45.2 inches(L)x 15.7 inches(W)

  • Wheels for Transportation

  • Heart Rate Monitor on Handrail

  • 12 Preset Workout Program

The Durafit Spark treadmill has a 1.25 horsepower continuous-duty Dc motor with a peak output of 2.5 horsepower and a speed range of 1.0 to 12 kilometres per hour.

It also has a running belt thickness of 1.8mm and a running area of 1150mm(L)x400mm(W) (45.2inches x 15.7inches). The running belt, on the other hand, has a special traction coating.

Durafit Spark also comes with a 12 preset workout program that includes set and chase goals for pace, distance, calories, and time.

This treadmill is also made heavier (32kg) than comparable treadmills in the league. It ensures that the treadmill is extremely durable and stable. This makes it ideal for both older people and younger people to walk confidently and train with concentration.

It has a large LED display that shows time, pace, distance, calories, and pulse rate, and it supports a maximum user weight of 95 kg for walking and 65 kg for running.

Suppose if you get product defected, damaged, or features do not fit the description given. In that case, the company will repair or refund the item within ten days of delivery, giving you the trust to purchase the item without any stress. However, for replacement/refund, the original package is needed.

This treadmill is also backed by a one-year parts warranty, a three-year motor warranty, and a five-year frame warranty.


  • Low noise motor
  • Consume less electricity.
  • Comfortable and stable workout experience.
  • You can easily move this treadmill to any part of the house.
  • Foldable and compact
  • 3 years door-step warranty on motor
  • Light in weight
  • Economical in price


  • Doesn’t come with inclination feature

Lifelong Fit Pro LLTM09 Treadmill


  • 2.5 Horse Power motor

  • LCD Display for Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse Rate

  • Max User Weight: 90kgs

  • Speed Range: 1.0-10km/hr

  • Running Surface: 43.3inches(L)x15.7 inches(W)

  • Wheels for Easy Transportation

  • Speaker with AUX Cable Connectivity

  • Heart Rate Sensors on Handrail

  • 12 Preset Workout Programs

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 has a powerful but quiet 2.5HP motor that delivers a speed range of 1.0-10Km/h to meet different fitness demands. It has an LCD that shows time, speed, distance, calories, and Pulse Rate.

Plus, it gives comfort cell cushioning technology with eight rubber pads under the deck for shock absorption gives your joint the support they deserve, making for a more comfortable workout and faster recovery.

Moreover, it has an anti-skid rubber surface with a high-density belt and eight shock-absorbers for maximum comfort & safety. It has a large 6-layer 1100(L)x400(W) MM (43.3 inchesx15.7 inches) running belt and gives lots of space to walk comfortably, run or sprint.

It has twelve pre-set workout programs set variable exercise mode for weight loss training and endurance training with a maximum user weight of 90kgs. It is suggested to use a 1000 VA stabilizer.

Furthermore, it comes with AUX cable connectivity with inbuilt loudspeakers to connect to phones & iPods to listen to music during Workout.

Warranty remains the noticeable point on every treadmill. Lifelong fit pro gives a lifetime frame warranty, three-year motor warranty, and one-year parts & labour warranty.

Lastly, it has wheels for easy transportation, and it is a 90-degree foldable design.


  • Loud speakers with AUX cable connectivity
  • 90 degree foldable design
  • For shock absorption, there are eight rubber cushions under the deck.
  • It has a high-density belt with an anti-skid rubber surface
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Economical in price
  • Powerful motor
  • Noiseless motor
  • Comes with bottle holder
  • The frame is sturdy and well-painted.


  • Doesn’t have inclination feature

Buying Guide for Cheap and Best Treadmill

It’s not the same as buying the finest treadmill in India for your house or working out at the gym. When looking for the cheap and best treadmill in India, a few factors to consider, such as specs and features. We will assist you in deciding on the cheap and best treadmill in India.

To get the cheap and best treadmill, you need to check the following fundamental requirements:

Capacity for weight

On average, most treadmills can handle a user weight of 100 to 150 kg.

If you weigh more than this, though, you should invest in a higher-end treadmill.

We also suggest selecting a treadmill that can support at least 20 kilogram more than your body weight. This buffer will prevent the motor from becoming overworked.


Manufacturers might use sweet language to trick you into buying a low-quality product. It would help if you chose a reputable brand that will offer you a high-quality product that meets your needs.


When buying a treadmill, the dimensions are the most important factor to consider. The pricing, functionality, and specification you should consider later.

If you want to buy a treadmill for your house, first look for the treadmill’s dimensions, which you can easily run at your home.

Variety of features

Treadmills have a lot of features, but they differ from customer to customer, so it’s important to know what your expectations are and which brands meet them before buying one.


A treadmill inclination might help you get the most out of your workouts. An inclination not only burns more calories but also works various muscles in your body. As a consequence, you will be able to build muscle mass efficiently.

Furthermore, it relieves tension on your joints and ankles, reducing the risk of injury.
Most treadmills may be set to incline up to 20%.

Furthermore, the sort of inclination varies depending on the treadmill’s price range. The manual inclination is common on lower-cost equipment, while motorized inclination is common on higher-cost equipment.


One of the most important aspects that influence your decision of the cheap and Best treadmill in India is the treadmill’s price.

Many people do not have the financial means to acquire a new treadmill, so they opt for a used one.

When compared to other brands, a used treadmill of a specific brand will be more expensive.
In addition, the treadmill’s quality must be taken into account. If you’re buying a used treadmill, you should also look at the condition of the treadmill.


The finest treadmill in India is one that comes with a multi-year guarantee. If you are purchasing a product, bear in mind that it is a long-term investment.

Check the product’s warranty to save future repair or maintenance costs. Get a treadmill for running that has a guarantee of at least a few years.

Use of Energy

It would be best if you considered using a treadmill for running because it saves both calories and money. Because using a treadmill will increase your electricity cost, you should check the treadmill’s power use to guarantee that the treadmill’s engine consumes less power.

All of these factors can influence your decision, guiding you to the best treadmill in India so that you can spend your money wisely on one that meets all of your needs while staying within your budget.

Safety Precautions while using Treadmill

Sometimes it becomes dangerous to have a treadmill in your house if you are not taking proper precautions to use it. We recommend you some precaution which you should take if you have a treadmill in your home.

It is not a good idea to position your treadmill right up against a wall. If you fall while the belt is moving, you get wedged between the treadmill and the wall. Always maintain a distance of two feet on either side and at least six feet behind the treadmill. So if you fall, you have enough space to escape.

Never allow your children to play around the treadmill even if you are on it, or you can put the treadmill safety key where they can’t find it so that treadmill doesn’t work at all.

Stand out of the belt till the treadmill does not start so that you don’t get any jerk with the start of the treadmill’s belt.

Always keep your head up while you are walking or running because looking down will throw you out of balance and lead to injury.

Always attach a safety clip with your clothes so that if you lose your balance and fall, the string pulls out the safety key, which helps the treadmill stop immediately.

When you finished your workout on the treadmill, always wait until your treadmill belt stops entirely and then step out from the treadmill.

Stretching up before stepping on to the treadmill will help you avoid muscle injury and keep you regular for your fitness regime.

It is recommended to start your exercise with a walk; never start your treadmill with a speed limit of 10 km/hr or above.

Keep your treadmill constantly lubricated as guided by its company.

Types of Treadmill

Manual Treadmill

A manual treadmill is not powered by electricity; your efforts are required to move the belt for walking or running—your pace and motion help to increase or decrease the speed of the treadmill.

Manual treadmills are economical compared with the electric treadmill because this treadmill comes without a machine, and some manual treadmill also costs you under 10,000INR.

A manual treadmill is easy to store as they are light in weight and easy to place anywhere in your home.

Manual treadmill always comes with basic features and if you want to walk or jog on an incline position, you need to do it manually by adjusting it’s track.

Motorized Treadmill

A machine operates the motorized treadmill, and all the functions like inclination, changing speed, etc., can be performed by just pressing a button or, in other words, all the function is performed using a machine.

The motorized treadmill comes in the range of 20,000INR goes to 100,000INR and is expensive compared to a manual treadmill.

You can listen to music while you are on the treadmill with its inbuilt speaker and enjoy your workout.

The machine-based treadmill comes with different types of advanced features like monitoring your heart rate, LCD screen for youtube, pre-set programs for different forms of exercise, auto lubrication, etc.

People highly prefer machine treadmills over the manual treadmill as it is featured a rich treadmill.

Final Thought

The best brand for treadmill in India comes in various price ranges. We have gathered information about the top 10 cheap and best treadmill in India, which will give you a variety of features at an economical price range.

Treadmill helps you work out within your home premises without paying regular subscription fees to the gym. I hope this article helps you find the best treadmill under 20000INR with all the essential features you want.

We have written the article on our best research and experience. If you have some additional information/knowledge, do let us know in the comment section below.

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