Top 10 Best Exercise Bike Brands in India

If you are looking for the best exercise bike brands in India to lose weight and are confused about which brand to choose for your home gym, this article will help you choose one.

After COVID-19, exercising at home has increased, and people are now investing more into home exercising equipment rather than paying a regular subscription to their gym.

So, if you’re looking for the best exercise bike brands in India, here’s a comprehensive list of superb fitness bikes to help you find the one that’s right for you based on your weight-loss objectives, price, and features.

Whether you’re searching for a basic exercise bike with standard specs or a gym exercise bike with high-end amenities, our collection is diverse enough to meet the demands of every sort of consumer.

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Best Exercise Bike Brands in India

Best Exercise Bike Brands in India Reviewed

Reach Air Exercise Cycle

Best Exercise Bike Brands in India


  • Drive System: Belt

  • Max User Weight: 100 kg

  • LCD Monitors Your Time, Distance, Speed, and Calories Burned.

  • Resistance Mechanism: Air

  • Cushioned Handle Grip

  • Cushioned Adjustable Seat

  • Cross Training Bike with Moving Handles

Reach Air Cycle is the best exercise cycle in India as it combines durability, mobility, and excellent quality with a one-year guarantee.

However, it provides a total-body workout and is capable of sustaining a human weight of up to 100 kg.

Additionally, this workout bike helps build your lower body while increasing your upper body endurance as you ride. It allows you to enjoy a variety of exercises by quickly switching from moving to motionless handles.

Additionally, this stationary cycle features an intuitive tracker and an LCD that allows you to scan modes and measure your time, distance, speed, and calories burnt while exercising.


  • Vertical adjustable seat
  • Non-slip pedal with strap
  • Economical in price
  • Movable handles
  • Stable on the floor
  • Low noise


  • Average built quality
  • Not suitable for person below 5ft of height

SparnodSAB-05 Exercise Cycle 

exercise cycle


  • Drive System: Belt

  • Material: Alloy Steel, Plastic

  • Max User Weight: 100 kg

  • LCD Digital Meter Tracks Time, Speed, Distance and Calories

  • Resistance Mechanism: Air

  •  Seat With Adjustable Height

  • Comes With Back Support

Sparnod stationary cycle has a digital meter to tracks time, speed, distance and calories. In addition, scan mode continuously toggles time, speed, distance and calories reading to monitor all metrics while working out.

Moreover, it has dual action handlebars that move back & forth to target upper body muscles (similar to elliptical cross trainer). Pedaling helps targets lower body muscles. The handles can also be set to static mode.

Additionally, it has a tension controller knob that allows adjustment of resistance level, thus offering different workout intensity levels.

It supports a maximum user weight of upto 100 kgs and it is the best gym cycle for home.

However, the seat of this gym cycle is comfortable, and you can adjust its height. The backrest provides support to the back while working out. The foot pedals contain a lock to prevent the foot from sliding. This upright stationary bike has an anti-slip broad base for better stability.

It comes with a one-year brand warranty on part failure and manufacturing defects.


  • Comes with back support
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Pedal with strap
  • Economical in price
  • Moving handle bar
  • Easy to assemble


  • Seat is little hard

Body Gym Air Bike

best exercise cycle india


  • Drive System: Chain

  • Max User Weight: 100 kg

  • Display Meter for ‎Speed, Time, Distance

  • Resistance System: Manual

  • Adustable Seat & Handle

  • Optional Hand Movement

  • Comes With Back Support & Twister

Body Gym Air Bike Platinum DX Exercise Cycle With Back & Twister Body Gym is one of the established names in the sports gear industry.

It comes with a monitor display for Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories.

Moreover, you can manually control the resistance level of the exercising cycle.

However, the cycle comes with an adjustable seat and supports a maximum user weight of up to 100KG


  • Comes with twister
  • Easy to assemble
  • Optional hand movement
  • Economical in price
  • User friendly display
  • Adjustable seat


  • Cycle weight is heavy

Techmoo Exercise Bikes

gym cycle for home


  • Material: Steel and Plastic

  • LCD For Speed, Calories Burned, Time

  • Adjustable Resistance Level

  • Unique Foldable Design

  • Adjustable Belt for Different Size

Techmoo bikes is the best cycle for exercise as it comes with an easily adjustable resistance level with the tension knob to personalize for yourself. This pedal exerciser fit offers low resistance for light leg and knee recovery exercise.

Additionally, it has a functional LCD monitor display that includes exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute(RPM), calories burned, and reset button. It is easy to arrange your exercise information data.

Moreover, it has a unique foldable design that can be used as an office workout exercise bike. It is convenient for carrying and storing. Space free very easy to fold and unfold, easily fitting under a desk or similar space.
The mini exercise bike is designed for knee, and shoulder recovery exercise or leg and arms light cycling exercise.

Furthermore, it has extra-long and adjustable belts for different feet(belt length:11.5 inches) and an anti-slip texture-designed pad, more stable to use on the floor.


  • Adjustable strap
  • Non-slippery rubber feet
  • Compact unique design
  • Can perform arm exercise and leg exercise
  • Portable
  • Great way to exercise under your office desk.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light weight


  • None

Dolphy Exercising Bike

gym cycle


  • Drive System: Belt

  • Material: Steel

  • Max User Weight: 160 kg

  • LCD for Tracking Speed, Calories, Time, Distance and Heart Rate

  • Seat Horizontal and Vertical Adjustable

DOLPHY indoor cycle comes with ABS-sprayed steel pipe material with red & black body color.

Additionally, it comes water bottle holder and has an adjustable seat and handle Bar. 

However, it supports a maximum User Weight Capacity of upto 160 kg.

Furthermore, it has a smart release-breaking system that provides safe, dependable performance for the unsupervised rider. It has self-balanced wide paddles with adjustable straps that fit any size user. 

Lastly. it has a pop-pin seat slider horizontal and vertical adjustments that deliver a great fit.


  • Support max user weight upto 160kg
  • Comes with bottle holder
  • Portability transportation wheel
  • Quick-stop braking
  • Horizontal & vertical adjustable seat
  • Adjustable handlebars with built-in tablet holder
  • High quality pedals with strap
  • Quite sturdy
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive

Kobo Exercise Spin Bike

best exercise cycle


  • Drive System: Chain

  • Material: Steel

  • Max User Weight: 120 kg

  • LCD for Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Pulse

  • Multi-level resistance

  • Vertical and Horizontal Adjustable Seat

  • Cushioned Handlebar

The Kobo fitness spin bike is precisely developed to provide the best upper and lower body exercises.

It does, however, have robust construction that provides excellent stability and longevity. You may adjust the pressure according to the user’s preferences.

It’s the perfect equipment for achieving your cardiovascular and fitness objectives safely and securely. It also has a heavy-duty metal frame.

Working out on this equipment will not harm your knees or joints, according to Kobo.

It also has an adjustable seat (vertical and horizontal) and is a pleasant cycle to work out on. The machine is constructed in such a way that it operates quietly and smoothly.

Working out on this machine regularly will help you tone your muscles and burn fat.

Furthermore, the machine is well-equipped to meet the needs of individuals of different ages, shapes, and sizes and be simple to put together.


  • Horizontal and vertical seat adjustment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Manual knob for multi-level resistance
  • Heavy and sturdy frame
  • Adjustable pedal straps.
  • Vertically adjustable handlebar
  • Comes with mobile & bottle holder


  • Expensive
  • Saddle is bit uncomfortable
  • Welded joints are not well finish

Lifeline exercise cycle

indoor cycle


  • Drive System: Belt

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Max User Weight: 80 kg

  • LCD for Speed, Time, Distance and Calories Burn

  • 5 Resistance Level

  • Cushioned Seat with Back Support Adjustable  Vertically and Horizontally

  • Adjustable Stationary Handles

Lifeline cycle for workout comes with an LCD monitor display for speed, time, distance, scan, and calories burned.

However, it has rubber foot caps that protect the metal framework from damaging the flooring &provides stability to the gym, keeping it in position.

Moreover, it has cushioned seat with back support that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.

Furthermore, it has single frame welding with belt resistance technology. This exercise bike with adjustable stationary handles


  • Comes with twister
  • Adjustable stationary handles
  • Economical in price
  • Five resistance levels


  • Support only 80kg user weight

Cockatoo CXB-05 Exercising Bike

cycle for workout


  • Max User Weight: 110 kg

  • 5.5 Inch LCD for Speed, Time Distance, Calorie, Pulse

  • Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic

  • Foldable

  • 8 Resistance Level

Cockatoo CXB-05 Series X-Bike comes with eight-level manual tension with a simple twist; you can increase or decrease the level of magnetic resistance. It is easily foldable, so less space is required.

However, it has non-skid foot pedals with adjustable foot straps.

You can adjust resistance according to your need. With the handy tension knob, you may change the intensity of your workout. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease.

Moreover, it has cushioned seat, which makes your longer sessions as comfortable as possible. This extra padding helps relieve pressure points of sitting and tail bones.

Additionally, a 5.5-inch digital monitor help tracks your progress. It is simple with the digital monitor screen, displaying your time, speed, distance, and calories. You will be able to see your results to keep you motivated and on pace.

It supports max user weight upto 110 Kg and user height range between 160-195 cm.

Furthermore, Up and down adjustable seat and ergonomic work desk keeps your wrist in a neutral position(Height Max 35 in/ Min 30 in)


  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Foldable and compact
  • Up and down adjustable seat
  • 8 levels magnetic resistance
  • Cushioned seat
  • Comes in two color variants
  • Pedal with strap
  • User friendly display
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Noiseless
  • Comfortable seat


  • Little expensive

Reach Air Bike Exercise 

 fitness cycle


  • Drive System: Belt

  • Max User Weight: 100 kg

  • LCD for ‎Speed, Calories Burned, Time, Distance

  • Resistance Mechanism: Air

  • Adjustable Seat

  • High-Density Foam Handlebars

  • Adjustable Handle: Moving/Stationary

The Reach Air fitness cycle is a stationary cycle that offers a full-body workout supporting 100 Kg. As you cycle, the dual-action arms feature on this workout bike will build your lower body while increasing your upper body endurance.

However, you can experience different workout by easily changing the setting from moving handles to stationary handles. It is the best cycle for fitness.

Additionally, it is ergonomically designed for comfortable seating with a sizeable adjustable seat cushion. Its handlebars are made of high-density foam, which prevents back stiffness, strains, and muscle aches when working out.

Moreover, this bike works efficiently and operates quietly as the belt requires little maintenance and improves your pedalling technique.

Furthermore, this stationary bike comes with a user-friendly tracker and an Lcd that allows you to scan modes and track your time, distance, speed, and calories burned as you exercise.

Lastly, it is a super-impressive stationary cycle with durability, portability and high quality.


  • Ergonomic seat with vertical height adjustment
  • Cushion handle grip
  • Maintenance free
  • Non-slip pedal with strap
  • Stationary or moving handle option
  • Economical in price
  • Quite strong and stable built


  • You need to rotate a lot to increase/decrease resistance.
  • Seat could be more comfortable

Cardio Max JSB HF73

best cycle for fitness


  • Max User Weight: 100 kg

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • LCD for Distance, Speed, Time and Heart Rate

  • Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic

  • 8 Resistance Level Knob Control

  • Adjustable Handlebar

  • Adjustable Seat

JSB Cardio Max HF73 Magnetic Upright Fitness Exercise Cycle is a cost-effective solution for everyday fitness needs.

However, this cycling gym equipment is compact and can be easily fit in your house to be used by male or female.

This heavy-duty magnetic exercise bike comes with a 4 kg flyweight for a smooth cycling experience.

Additionally, its display shows time, distance, speed, pulse, calories, total distance travelled, and pulse sensors on the cycle handles.

Moreover, it is equipped with eight tension control levels for different athletic needs.

Furthermore, the seat of this fitness bike is height adjustable.

Lastly, this exercise bike comes with a one-year nationwide warranty.


  • Easy to read display
  • Adjustable seat according to height
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Adjustable pedal with strap
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • 4kg flywheel smooth cycle
  • Easy to assemble


  • Seat is uncomfortable for longer duration.

Buying Guide for Exercising Bike

Exercise cycles have been around for decades and are a convenient alternative for workouts and a hassle-free way to lose weight.

We’ve seen them promoted on TV, the Internet, and in the newspaper, but with so many different brands and varieties of stationary cycles to choose from, it’s not as simple as you would think.

The fact that there are so many of them available might make you feel a little overwhelmed.

When I first started looking at exercise bikes, I had no idea that I would spend so much time figuring out which one had the best resistance and the most durable frame. I was uninformed in this area, believing that any bike would suffice if I wanted to reduce weight.

The less expensive ones usually offer basic features like programmable exercise resistance and a few programming settings. The ones in the middle are better constructed, generate less noise, and have a more substantial feel.

Expect more sophisticated features in the higher-end models, such as a more accurate and detailed computer, preset exercise routines, user profiles, a longer guarantee, and several resistance levels.

How Advanced Does Your Exercise Bike Need to Be?

You must first choose your workout objectives before purchasing an exercise bike. Consider how frequently you’ll use it and how hard you want to push yourself. People frequently overestimate their talents and believe they will stick to the fitness regimen they have devised.

As a result, they purchase the most costly spinning bike, only to discover that they aren’t using it to its full capacity.

You’ll find it easier to pick the machine that best suits your training objectives if you’ve been able to make accurate estimates about how much time you’ll spend on it.

Feature Requirements

Regardless of how much money you want to spend on an exercise bike or whatever brand you want, every piece of exercise equipment must include at least a few fundamental functions. You’ll need a bike with a variety of resistance levels, and the seat should be comfy enough because you’ll be riding it for a long period. Also, if you are tall, seek a seat that you can modify to fit your needs.

If you’re dead set on buying one bike in particular, even if it doesn’t have the nicest seat, you can always buy a seat cover with gel or cushioning to replace it.

Regardless of the budget, comfort must be a top consideration. Pedals must not only be broad enough but also have some form of strapping to keep your feet from slipping when pedaling.

The exercising cycle must also show basic statistics such as speed, duration, and calories burnt on the built-in computer. While knowing your heart rate is the most crucial thing to know, you may easily get a standalone monitor if it isn’t included.

Accessories that you can purchase separately

If you’re debating between numerous stationary cycles, search for features that distinguish them and help you decide.

Bikes like the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne, feature built-in fans, in addition to generating air resistance, also help you cool off.

If you want to listen to music with its inbuilt speaker, some exercising bike comes with the inbuilt mp3 player. However, they come with average sound quality.

Another item to consider is the water bottle holder – it may not seem significant, but having one on the bike means you won’t have to stop your workout from getting a sip of water (or, of course, your favorite energy drink).

Check the Bike’s Weight and the Weight Limit.

Because the last thing you want to do when riding your bike is damage yourself, one of the most crucial components of exercise is stability. If your bike is wobbling, you may ignore it.

Of course, some of you may want to purchase the equipment over the Internet. In that instance, look at the bike’s weight to see how stable it is.

It will be more stable if it weighs more. It must provide transport wheels for large exercise bike; otherwise, transporting your machine from one location to another would be difficult.

Last but not least, ensure sure your weight does not exceed the maximum supported weight since this might jeopardize your safety.

Noise Pollution

While this isn’t an issue for everyone, bear in mind that certain bikes are quieter than others, dependent on their resistance. The bikes with fans have air resistance, and they are noisier than cycles without fans.

The more you pedal, the stronger the breeze and the louder the noise. The noise from most exercise bikes isn’t terrible, but if you want to listen to music or watch TV while working out, the noise may be an issue.

Safety with Enclosed Mechanics

If you have little children, you should pay special attention to how the exercise bike is constructed. Thousands of youngsters are harmed each year as a result of utilizing exercise equipment, according to statistics.

To prevent this, make sure the bike’s mechanisms (such as the chain and flywheel) are covered so that children’s fingers or other body parts don’t get trapped in them.

Benefits of Stationary Bike

1.Improves cardiovascular fitness
Stationary cycling is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up.

Cycling and other cardiovascular or aerobic activities enhance your heart, lungs, and muscles. They also help to improve the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body. As a result, your health can improve in a variety of ways, including:

  • Improved memory and cognitive abilities
  • Blood pressure should be reduced
  • More restful sleep
  • Blood sugar levels have improved
  • Better mood due to a stronger immune system
  • Lower levels of stress
  • More vitality

2.Can assist in weight loss
A stationary bike workout can burn more than 600 calories each hour, depending on your activity intensity and body weight. As a result, indoor cycling is an excellent calorie-burning workout option.

It would be best if you expended more calories than you consume to lose weight.

3.Body fat is burned.
Working out at a high-intensity burns calories and builds strength, which can help you lose weight.

Indoor cycling, paired with a low-calorie diet, was beneficial in decreasing body weight and body fat. It also worked to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

4.Gives you a low-impact exercise.
A stationary bike workout is a low-impact workout that uses smooth movements to strengthen bones and joints without overworking them. It’s an excellent training choice for those who have joint problems or injuries.

When you run, jog, jump, or do other high-impact aerobic workouts, your ankles, knees, hips, and other joints are placed under a lot of stress.

A stationary bike is gentler on your joints since your feet don’t lift off the pedals, yet it still delivers a hard and effective exercise.

5.Legs and lower body muscles are strengthened.
Riding a stationary bike can help you improve leg and lower body strength, especially if you choose a higher resistance setting.

Calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps can all benefit from the pedaling movement. It can also strengthen the muscles of your core, back, and glutes.

If you ride a bicycle with handlebars, you may also engage your upper body muscles, such as your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

6.Interval training is possible.
Short bursts of intensive activity are alternated with longer intervals of less intense exercise in interval training. This sort of workout can help you burn more calories in less time while improving your cardiovascular fitness.

You can work out at low, medium, or high intensities on stationary cycles since they have different resistance levels. As a result, it’s perfect for interval training.

7.Indoor cycling is safer than outdoor cycling
Cycling outside can be a fantastic way to get some exercise, but it can also be dangerous due to inattentive vehicles, uneven or slippery road surfaces, and poor visibility.

It can also be difficult to gather the enthusiasm to go outside when it is hot and humid or chilly and rainy. It’s conceivable that doing so is dangerous.

You don’t have to worry about traffic, road conditions, or the elements while you cycle indoors. Any time of year, you may work out safely at a pleasant temperature.

Types of Stationary Cycle

A stationary cycle with a pedal, saddle, and handlebars is one of the most flexible cardio machines available. It’s an important piece of exercise equipment for your gym, and it’ll provide you a great lower-body workout.

Furthermore, its small size will not take up a lot of room in your gym and is incredibly simple to operate. Four different types of exercise bikes available on the market, are discuss below:

1. Upright Bikes

exercise cycle for weight loss

For the aerobic workout, upright bikes are a fantastic piece of fitness equipment. The seat supports the user’s weight, and the pedals are positioned beneath their feet. These bikes assist in the strengthening of the lower body, core, and upper body muscles.

The risk of injury is substantially minimized because of their ergonomic design. To utilize them, you must stand up straight, grip the handlebars, and begin pedaling.

They feature a simple design and won’t take up a lot of room in your gym. They come with various degrees of resistance programs pre-installed. An LCD display on specific modern and high-quality bikes can track your calories, speed, and distance.

2.Recumbent Bikes

exercise cycle price

A reclining design is one of the cosmetic characteristics of a recumbent bike. The bike resembles a comfortable recliner on which you may lie back. You’ll also note that the pedals are in front of your feet rather than beneath them. The handlebars are on the side, which provides more support. It’s built to provide you with comfortable exercise while running smoothly.

They offer low-impact aerobic exercises, adequate back support, and exercise in a few muscle areas. They’re ideal for those recovering from surgery or suffering from joint problems like arthritis.

It’s also suitable for ladies who are recuperating after delivery. These bikes include pre-programmed workouts, visual feedback, and sensors that track your heart rate.

3. Spin Bicycles

best exercise cycle in india

Spin bikes mimic bicycles and provide the same degree of intensity as outdoor cycling. Because the handlebars are further away from the seat, you must bend further to operate them. You may even exercise while sitting upright and not gripping the handlebars.

They are incredibly easy to use and engage a more significant number of muscle groups. They are excellent for increasing your stamina and burning more calories. Furthermore, these bikes are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.

4. Air Bicycles

excercise cycle

The air bike is the last type of bicycle. They have a similar appearance to an upright bike, but they have their own design and functioning.

They run on wind resistance, so the harder you pedal, the more resistance you’ll encounter. They feature moveable arms and may be used to work out both the upper and lower body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the best exercise bike for home use?
Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle is one of the best picks if you are looking for a budget-friendly, reliable, and comfortable fitness bike to work out at home.

2.Is the speedometer on a stationary bike accurate?
No. The speedometer and distance measurements on most stationary bikes are not accurate. It’s more of an estimate. It’s the same with calorie counters on exercise equipment. 

3.Why does riding a stationary bike hurt my butt?
It might be several things. The saddle is a large, cushioned piece of equipment. Chafing occurs due to these factors, and your weight compresses the cushioning, which pushes up on your delicate areas. The saddle’s height and fore/aft location are incorrect.

4.Is it better to exercise on a bike or a treadmill?
Treadmills, to put it simply, are excellent for burning calories because they deliver intensive exercises. They may, however, offer a danger of harm if not handled properly. A treadmill may thus be the ideal solution if you want to burn a lot of calories.

On the other hand, an exercise bike is excellent for strengthening your legs and increasing muscle mass. Aside from that, riding a stationary bike reduces the danger of injury.

5.Is it possible to employ an exercise cycle to help me acquire weight?
Yeah. It should aid in the development of leg muscles, but make sure you’re getting enough protein to do so; otherwise, you could lose weight.

6.Is it safe for older folks to use a stationary exercise bike?
When coupled with good food and sleep, any exercise regimen is beneficial to seniors. The greatest approach to renew, heal, and rehabilitate is to follow a strength-training, eating, and sleep hygiene regimen. A stationary bike is a great way to get some extra workouts.

7.What makes a spinning exercise bike different from a regular exercise bike?
The front flywheel on spinning cycles weighs 16 kg. Once you have this flywheel spinning, it will want to keep spinning due to momentum.

This is more like riding a bike on the road, where momentum keeps you going ahead even if you reduce your speed.

A conventional exercise bike lacks a flywheel, which means that if you stop pedaling, the pedals will rapidly come to a rest.

You could conclude that a conventional exercise bike is preferable since it needs steady push rather than momentum. The main difference is that a spinning cycle may be loaded with a lot greater resistance.

8.Is Walking Better Than Riding a Stationary Bike?
Although walking is beneficial to your health, cycling burns more calories, especially when the effort is increased. To give you an example, if you walk at a fast pace of 4mph for an hour, you will burn about 350 calories. Cycling at a fast rate of 19 mph, on the other hand, will burn about 840 calories each hour.

Final Thought

We hope the above list helps you find your best exercise bike brands in India, as we have reviewed each of the above brands unbiasedly by doing extensive research about every product.

If you exercise regularly on one of these exercise bikes, your body will quickly achieve its fitness goals. As a result, if you decide to buy one of the models listed above, make sure to double-check the specs and shop wisely.

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