Top 10 Best Gym Gloves In India

If you love going to the gym whether you are a beginner or workout for a long time, this article about the best gym gloves in India is for you.

If you are regular to the gym, it is necessary to have some essential gym accessories like your gym mat(when it’s your floor exercise day), fitness band and your gym gloves for your weight training.

Gym gloves protect your hands while you are doing weight training. It helps you lift more weights because it provides you better grip and protects your hand from friction.

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10 Best Gym Gloves In India

1. Xtrim Unisex Macho Leather Gym
2. Sr Suready Gym Gloves
3. Hykes Tactical Gloves
4. Kobo Weight Training Gym Gloves
5. Nivia Crystal Gym Gloves
6. Hykes Gym Fitness Gloves
7. Nivia Python Sports Gloves
8. Kobo Unisex Fitness Leather Weight Lifting
9. Sprugal Rockbros Sports & Fitness Gloves
10. Kobo Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

10 Best Gym Gloves In India Reviewed

We recommend you, please read buying guide of gym gloves and types of gym gloves before making your final decision.

Xtrim Unisex Macho Leather Gym

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Key Features




Xtrim unisex is the best gym gloves in the market, thanks to its designed for weight lifting. It reduces wrist injuries while lifting weights.

It has high-quality authentic natural grain leather used to provide ample grip to the lifter, reducing the possibility of weight slipping off the lifter’s hands.

Plus, the rubberized stretchy wrap material used in macho gloves act like extra ligament and tendons when the wrist bend backward during lifting. It reduces the possibility of wrist injuries while lifting weights.

Moreover, its natural leather palm, washable leather, short finger length, palm reinforced with foam make them the best gloves for gym.


  • Pure leather
  • Good padding
  • Very comfortable
  • Perfect gripping


  • Leave color on wash
  • Bit expensive

Sr Suready Gym Gloves

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Key Features




As it comes on a runner up position for the best gym gloves in India, it protects your hand. The wrist support can protect your arms from spraining. And the thickening foam pad on the palm will buffer the impact of the sports apparatus.

Unlike other general gloves, the palm of Suready gloves is made of microfiber, which is not easy to destroy.

Another quality of these weight lifting gloves with wrist support that it is more breathable. The back of the hands is made of spandex fiber, which is a light and breathable fabric. And the gloves use a backless design. So the gloves will keep your hands dry and comfortable.

The four quick pull-tabs on the fingers help to pull them on and off. Additionally, terry cloth is provide on the back of each thumb to wipe your face during training or doing other exercises.

Furthermore, the palm cushion, which is padding in the right places, provides extreme support and comfort and protects your hands from getting callouses. The whole palm and fingers are design with premium silicone maintaining a firm grip.


  • Comfortable
  • Soft material
  • Good fitting


  • It’s not water proof

Hykes Tactical Gloves

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Key Features




At first, we thought that Hykes tactical gloves are a bit expensive in the gym gloves men’s category.

However, tactical fitness gloves are made up of lightweight material to allow for a comfortable workout, outdoor activities, driving car and bike, rock climbing, and various sports and fitness activities.

Additionally, these gloves are design to provide comfortable compression and support to fingers and palms. Back made of breathable stretch nylon for excellent fit and ventilation allows sweat to evaporate and keep your hands dry.

More to it, Less sweat and more ventilation equal to no bad smelling gloves, limited wash thus lead to longer-lasting gloves.

Plus, Hykes gloves come with wrist wraps. You can tighten and loosen with hook & loop, providing the user the ability to adjust to their comfort.

Furthermore, anti-slip ventilated synthetic palm provides incredible comfort with a durable hand back. Three ways gel padding distributes pressure, thumb for soft absorbent wiping. ABS material is use at the finger joints.


  • Washable
  • Excellent grip
  • Perfect quality
  • Durable
  • Breathable


  • Bit costly

Kobo Weight Training Gym Gloves

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Key Features





Kobo fitness weight training gym gloves gives you a padded front palm and are considered lightweight hand gloves for the gym.

As they are professional gym gloves, they come in an ergonomic fit that provides gymgoers with the perfect fit they want.

Additionally, these gym gloves have breathable material and are washable.

Furthermore, kobo gym gloves provide pull-up straps near the finger for easy pull on and pull off. It also gives you easy access to wearing and are the best gym gloves for women and men.


  • Perfect fit
  • Breathable
  • Top notch quality
  • Comes with pull on and pull off strap
  • Lightweight


  • No wrist support

Nivia Crystal Gym Gloves

gym gloves

Key Features





Nivia Crystal fitness gloves give you an ergonomic fit with their stretchable fabric and velcro closer.

However, the Nivia gym glove can be used for biking also, as they are light in weight and are washable.

Moreover, the Nivia exercise glove has half finger design for greater control. These fingerless gloves have a padded palm that protects your hands while lifting weights.

If we talk about the Nivia gym gloves material, it made up of polyester & foam that feel supple on your hands.


  • Comes in bright color
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Cheap in price
  • Gives you perfect fit with stretchable material


  • No wrist support
  • Doesn’t support for heavy weight lifting

Hykes Gym Fitness Gloves

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Key Features




Hykes gym fitness gloves made with silicon printed neoprene, a high-quality material that resists weight and allows you to workout for a long time without giving any more torn hands and no more calluses.

Additionally, Hykes workout gloves are more breathable. The back of hand gloves is made of ultralight micro fibre, which is a light and breathable fabric. So the gloves will keep your hands dry and comfortable.

These gym gloves are all-rounder hand gloves suitable for women, men, adults, teenagers to weight lifting, pull up, fitness, gym training, and general workouts like yoga, cycling, etc.

Moreover, it gives weightlifting wrist wraps that offer both men and women a superior training experience and excellent wrist support with every workout.


  • Washable
  • Wrist support
  • Perfect fitting
  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable
  • Good for heavy weight lifting


  • Expensive

Nivia Python Sports Gloves

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Key Features






Nivia Python sports gloves help reduces the strain on your wrists while you exercise with these hand gloves for the gym.

Additionally, these gym gloves give you ergonomic padding, offers excellent comfort along with a perfect fit.

Exercising for long hours tend to make your hands sweat, but these suede gloves offer ventilation and are odor-free.

Moreover, with stretchable fabric, these gloves enable you to lift weights with a firm grip easily, giving an optimum comfort experience and protecting your hands during your training sessions.


  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Odor free and ventilated
  • Stretchable material
  • Comfortable with perfect fit
  • Machine washable


  • No wrist support

Kobo Unisex Fitness Leather Weight Lifting

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Key Features





These Kobo hand gloves for gym have good-quality cloth with Amara leather. These gloves provide ample grip to the lifter, reducing the possibility of weight slipping off the lifter’s hands. It is the best gym gloves for men.

Plus, these Kobo unisexual gym gloves have an adjustable hook and loop closure strap, and you can wrap the belt tightly around your wrist, making it feel more stable and is best gym gloves with wrist support.

Additionally, these gloves are integrated gel padding and cool weave technology on the back of the hand to enhance ventilation, comfort, and a superior fit.

Moreover, pull tabs on fingers make it easy to pull gloves off, good quality dual hook and loop straps, adjustable strap for wrist protection, and perfect fit.

Furthermore, the thick gel padding protects your hand from calluses & blisters. These gloves are perfect for weight lifting gloves, gym gloves, cross fit training, powerlifting, bicycle gloves, and other fitness activities and workout.


  • Comes with wrist support
  • Thick gel padding
  • Can be use for any kind of activity
  • Front leather padding
  • Unisex
  • Pull tabs on fingers


  • None

Sprugal Rockbros Sports & Fitness Gloves

best weight lifting gloves

Key Features


  • Closure Type: HOOK AND LOOP



Sprugal Rockbros sports & fitness gloves is universal use glove for exercise, fitness, cycling, gym activities, and any other activities that require grip and involve risk of hand abrasion, vibration impact, heating, etc.

Moreover, it helps prevent hard, stubborn calluses from forming on the pads of your fingers. Thickened padding with anti-slip SBR beads offers perfect shock absorption, slip resistance, and comfort during activities and pull tabs on the fingertip design make it easy to take off.

If we talk about the material used, these gym gloves are made up of lycra, suede, terry cloth, and mesh cloth on the back of hand for a breathable and anti-sweat cycling experience. Terry cloth on thumb allows you to wipe away sweat quickly, more convenient when cycling and exercising.

Furthermore, the wrist velcro closure design makes gloves easy to wear and take off. It is adjustable and has a perfect fit. Suitable for mountain bike, road bike, hiking, climbing, fishing, gym, fitness, and other outdoor activities.


  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Pull tabs for comfortable pull
  • Perfect hand fitting
  • Terry cloth on thumb for wiping sweat
  • Washable
  • Sponge padded palm
  • Sweat proof


  • Expensive

Kobo Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

training gloves

Key Features





Kobo weight lifting gym gloves has a full-finger leather front palm that is highly durable and comfortable performing every exercise and is washable.

Plus, it has a thick foam padded front palm safeguard hand from the hardness of dumbbells.

Moreover, the backhand of gloves is made of soft fine durable spandex material, and these gym gloves are specially designed for functional training.

However, the interior of the glove is soft to provide comfort for extended use, and the material absorbs sweat to maintain a firm fit without slippage.

Kobo gym gloves are ideal for weight lifting, pull up, exercise, fitness, gym training, and general workouts, providing the safety and gripping necessity and perfect for both men and women.


  • Full hand cover gloves
  • Front leather palm
  • Washable
  • Ideal for all kind of activities
  • Unisex


  • Expensive

Things To Consider Before Buying Gym Hand Gloves 2021

Many companies are claiming their product as the best gym gloves in India. Before buying your gym gloves, you should have little knowledge about what you are buying and what you want to buy.

Allow me to explain some of the points you should consider before you make your final call.

Cloth Material

Different types of cloth are used to make gym gloves, such as leather, synthetic, microfiber, and so on. Do check the cloth material before buying your gym gloves according to your requirement. 

If you want to perform heavy weight lifting exercise, consider buying leather material gym gloves, they will be long-lasting and durable. 

If you are looking for the best-fit gym gloves, you can buy gym gloves material with stretchable material which will suit you best.


While performing your exercise, you sometimes feel your hands sweaty, making you uncomfortable while doing your remaining workout.

Always prefer buying gym gloves made of breathable cloth for excellent fit and allow ventilation to evaporate sweat and keep your hands dry.


Cushioning is one of the critical features of gym gloves as cushioning safeguards your hand from hard dumbbells and heavy rod and reduces the pressure on your hand, and keeping them soft.

Gym gloves provide foam on your palm to get proper gripping and make your exercise comfortable.

Wrist Support

While lifting weights, wrist support plays a significant role in preventing your wrist from any injuries.

If you are lifting heavy weights, consider the wrist support of your gym gloves as they help you lift better weights, keep your wrist firm.

Types of Gym Gloves

Gloves Without Back

These gloves come without a backcloth in the gloves. This gives you better ventilation from the back and also gives you a wrist strap for additional support. It provides you better wrist and hand mobility. These gloves are perfect for sweaty hands and for performing exercise which needs more flexibility.

Minimalistic Gym Gloves

These gloves come with or without wrist support and are made for an intense workout. It gives you excellent mobility as it covers your half finger and the rest of the fingers open. It is made up of lightweight material.

Full Hand Gloves

Full hand gloves cover your full hand from your tip of the finger to the wrist. It comes with wrist support. It protects your hand from hard dumbell and weight lifting rodes and also from dust. It gives you little ventilation in hand, thus, not suggested for people with sweaty hands.

Advantageous Of Gym Gloves

Some of you find gym gloves as a mandatory gym accessory, and others believe that wearing gym gloves makes them uncomfortable while exercising. Let us see the benefits of wearing gym gloves.

 Lift More Weights

Every weight lifter tries to push him/her to lift heavyweights. Gym gloves help you lift more weight by providing proper grip to hold weights tightly, and keeping your wrist tight allows you to lift heavyweights.

 No Calluses Or Blisters

One of the vital reasons for using gym gloves is to avoid calluses or blisters in your hand. While lifting a heavy dumbell or weight lifting rod, your hand skin becomes rough and often leads to calluses and blisters on a particular area of your hand. Gym gloves protect you from calluses and blisters.

Added Wrist Support

Wrist support is essential while lifting heavyweights. Many times, weight lifters face serious wrist injuries while lifting heavy weights, which leads to a halt in their workout routine. Gym gloves with wrist support prevent you from a wrist injury and give you a better grip and confidence to lift heavyweights.

Better Grip

Gripping plays an essential role in weight lifting. Better the grip more easily you can lift the weight. While exercising, sometimes your hand gets wet with sweat, and you can lose grip over your dumbbell and lead to injury. Gym gloves help you in better grip and make you confident of lifting your desired weight easily.

No Sweat Leaks

It is embarrassing if you perform sets turn by turn with another person and leave the dumbell/weight rod wet with your sweat. Gym gloves help you absorb sweat and make your gym clean and hygienic.

While lifting heavyweight, sweat also leads to losing your grip over dumbell and can lead to injury. By absorbing sweat, it prevents dumbell from slipping due to sweat.

Frequently Asked Question

1.How do I wash gym gloves?
You can soak your gym gloves for 10 minutes in lukewarm water, put anti-bacterial detergent, rinse them with lukewarm water, and then put them on the towel rack for air dry.

2.Should we ride a bike while wearing exercise gloves?
Yes, you can use it if you cycle in the city or for a short distance, but gym gloves lack finger security padding and palm protection padding, which means that your hand will receive no protection if you have an injury. Riding gloves also help to minimize vibration caused by the road, while gym gloves reduce less vibration.

3.Why are wrist gloves or straps used for gym workouts?
Certain exercises require us to lift hard, but we risk losing technique when our wrist involves due to the heavyweight. Wrist straps hold the wrist joint in place and provide the necessary sturdiness to maintain proper technique.

4.Why is wearing gloves to the gym important?
It is a personal choice to wear gym gloves to the gym as some people feel comfortable and others feel uncomfortable with it. However, wearing gym gloves gives you various benefits such as-

  • It gives you better gripping for lifting heavyweights.
  • It also protects your hand from getting hand cones because of lifting heavyweights.
  • Furthermore, it helps support your wrist with a wrist grip, which prevents you from wrist injury during your workout.

Final Words

I hope you find the best gym gloves in India article to be informative.

If you hand sweat more then hykes tactical gloves are best for you because it circulates air within your gloves.

If you want firm gripping for your wrist, then Xtrim Unisex Macho gloves provide the best gripping on your wrist.

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