10 Best Under Eye Cream In India

The eye is one crucial body part that gives you confidence while you talk to other people. It is important to keep your eyes healthy and attractive.

Several under-eye creams are there in the market that make your eyes look younger and beautiful. This article will talk about the best under eye cream in India.

Under-eye cream helps you overcome dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and all the other signs which come with ageing.

Read this article till the end to gather complete information about the best under eye cream in India.

Best Under Eye Cream In India

1. Mamaearth Under Eye Cream
2. Neutrogena Rapid Repair Eye Cream (Most Premium)
3. Dermatouch Under Eye Cream
4. StBotanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Serum
5. The Moms Co. Natural Under Eye Cream (Cheapest Price)
6. Red Root Under Eye Cream
7. Olay Ultimate Eye Cream
8. Plum Bright Under-Eye Recovery Gel
9. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream (Most Reviewed)
10. The Face Shop Eye Cream

How to Apply Under Eye Cream

Step 1: On your ring finger, apply a pea-sized quantity.
Because eye creams are so concentrated, just a pea-sized quantity is needed for both eyes. Use your ring finger for that sensitive spot since it has the lightest touch. It’s important not to apply too much pressure on the skin.

Step 2: Apply tiny dots on your brow bone from the inner corner of your eye.
Start at the inner corner of your eye, work your way up to your brow bone with tiny dots in a semi-circle. To promote circulation, gently tap in a semi-circle pattern until the product is entirely absorbed. While doing this, be careful not to strain or stretch the skin.

To avoid irritation, don’t come too near to your eye. Also, unless the product label specifically states otherwise, avoid putting anything on or near your eyelids.

Step 3: Let the concealer dry before applying it.
Wait around 90 seconds after applying your eye cream before applying concealer or other skin care products to allow it to penetrate thoroughly.

Price info
₹ = below ₹ 500
₹ ₹ = ₹ 500 – ₹ 1000
₹ ₹ ₹ = ₹ 1000 – ₹ 1500
₹ ₹ ₹ ₹ = above ₹ 1500

10 Best Under Eye Cream In India Reviewed

Mamaearth Under Eye Cream

best eye cream in india


  • Speacial ingredients: vitamin c, gotu kola, niacinamide

  • Uses: fine lines, hydration, dark circles, wrinkles, soothing, puffiness, brightening, pigmentation

  • Suitable for all skin type

  • In built electric massager

  • Free from cruelty and toxin

Our first recommendation for the best under eye cream in India is Mamaearth eye cream. It is best for dark circles, and it comes with an electronic massager, which instantly de-puff and de-stress under-eye skin. It rejuvenates your under eyelids and improves blood circulation while being gentle on the skin.

Additionally, this cream brightens and decreases pigmentation beneath the eyes and is enriched with vitamin C and niacinamide.

However, the built-in one-of-a-kind electric massager aids in the reduction of puffiness and are incredibly relaxing. Puffiness and dark circles will no longer be a problem for you.

Moreover, Gotu kola moisturizes and helps to seal in moisture beneath the eyes, leaving the skin appearing healthy and plump.

Lastly, it is suitable for all skin types and dermatologically tested.

Price = ₹ ₹

Neutrogena Rapid Repair Eye Cream

best under eye cream for dark circles india


  • Uses: dark circles, brightening

  • Suitable for all skin type

  • Ophthalmologist tested

Neutrogena rapid dark circle repair eye cream awakens tired eyes and begins to decrease the appearance of dark circles.

One of the noticeable features of this liquid eye cream is in just one week. You may noticeably minimize the appearance of dark circles. It is the best under eye cream for dark circles in India.

However, this nourishing eye cream, formulated with our proprietary accelerated brightening complex, works to level out under-eye skin tone and lessen the appearance of dark circles while light-reflecting minerals brighten the eyes.

Additionally, Neutrogena is a well-known cosmetics brand, and it is the world’s no.1 dermatologist-recommended skincare brand. It manufactures and markets products in over 70 countries.

Price = ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹

Dermatouch Under Eye Cream

under i cream


  • Made with aldavine 5x, lanachrys 2B

  • Uses: fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles, soothing, puffiness, brightening, cellulite

  • Suitable for all skin type

  • Dermatologically tested

Dermatologists created the Dermatouch bye bye dark circles under eye cream after years of study. It is the best dark circle cream in India. This ensures its efficacy and outcomes.

It contains uncommon chemicals such as Lanachrys 2B and Aldavine 5X. These actives are mild on the skin and extremely helpful because they have been clinically proved.

Lanachrys 2B is a natural lipolysis stimulant that is devoid of preservatives. This ingredient aids in skin hydration, under-eye puffiness reduction, and dark circle reduction. You will notice a significant change in terms of your overall radiance as it improves the look of cellulite.

Aldavine 5X, on the other hand, aims to restore your skin’s young look. Wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles are reduced. It will also protect your skin from damaging UV rays, preventing any indications of premature aging.

It has a soft, silky feel that easily integrates into the skin. You only need to use it once in the morning to be ready for the rest of the day.

You don’t have to worry about waking up with redness or swelling because it has been clinically proven.

The tube is dependable and small enough to transport. If you’re patient with this under-eye cream, you’ll notice benefits.

Price = ₹

StBotanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Serum

best under eye cream in india


  • Speacial ingredients: hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, b3, matrixyl 3000 and green tea extract

  • Uses: fine line treatment, hydrating, anti-aging, radiant skin, moisturizing, brightening

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Dermatologically tested

StBotanica Pure radiance under eye fast-acting serum brightens dark circles, reduces puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles, and promotes brighter, smoother, and more radiant under-eye skin.

It revitalizes and refreshes sensitive skin. Additionally, hyaluronic acid helps to maintain the skin’s proper moisture balance, making it seem smoother.

Moreover, Matrixyl 3000, a powerful anti-aging peptide, helps keep the under-eye skin looking healthy and youthful.

Thanks to vitamins and botanical extracts, which boost the skin antioxidant defenses, lock in moisture, enhance microcirculation, and lighten pigmentation.

Lastly, this product is devoid of toxins. The delicate and sensitive under-eye region is completely safe.

Price = ₹ ₹

The Moms Co. Natural Under Eye Cream

best under eye cream india


  • Specific ingredients: niacinamide, chamomile oil, chia seed oil and coffee oil

  • Uses: fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Comes with a roller for massaging

The Moms Co. natural vita is rich under eye cream, packed with chia seed oil, coffee oil, and vitamins B3 and E. It helps reduce fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness, while organic chamomile oil soothes.

Moreover, coffee oil improves fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Green tea reduces puffiness and relieves weary eyes. It soften and conditions your skin with shea butter and avocado oil.

Additionally, it comes chia seed oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which hydrates the skin and reduces dark circles with vitamin E.

Lastly, it is made safe, Australia-certified toxin-free, and allergy-free face cream. It is free from mineral oil, sulfates (SLS, SLES), parabens, synthetic fragrances, and many potentially hazardous ingredients.

Price = ₹

Red Root Under Eye Cream

under eye cream for dark circles


  • Special Ingredients: Aloe vera, jojoba oil, saffron extract, xanthan gum, carrot extract and vitamin E.

  • Uses: fine lines, hydration, dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, brightening.

  • Skin type: oily, combination, sensitive, dry, normal.

  • Dermatologist-tested

Red Root vitamins rooted under eye cream comes with saffron extract, slows down the ageing process and reduces dark circles in a 30g jar.

This moisturizing gel cream includes hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin K, which are naturally found in the skin which attracts and hold moisture.

Moreover, this one of a kind formula absorbs quickly like a gel but has a cream’s long-lasting, powerful rejuvenating power to reduce fine lines and eye bags.

Furthermore, its oil, fragrance, and dye-free formula is non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested, and non-comedogenic.

However, this under eye gel cream may be worn alone or under makeup, and it’s a great way to combat dark circles, puffiness, eye wrinkles, eye bags, and fine lines in your regular skincare routine.

Price = ₹ ₹

Olay Ultimate Eye Cream

best under eye cream


  • Special ingredients: glycerin

  • Uses: fine lines, hydration, dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness

  • Suitable all Skin type

  • Color-correcting technology

Olay Ultimate eye cream combat dark circles, wrinkles, and puffy eyes right away.
We highly pressed to recommend this cream as it instantly smoothes and brightens the eye region while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Moreover, it is a lightweight cream with olay’s color-correcting technology that brightens the eye region by serving as a touch of concealer that suits all skin tones.

Furthermore, it’s packed with peptides and vitamins, and it works to rejuvenate the skin’s surface over time. It is best under eye cream for wrinkles.

We advise you to use a little quantity around the eye region, under eyes, outer corners, and eyelids. You can put morning and evening on cleansed face and smooth in until completely absorbed.

Price = ₹ ₹ ₹

Plum Bright Under-Eye Recovery Gel

best under eye cream for dark circles in india


  • Special ingredients: plants stem cell extract and hyaluronic acid

  • Uses: dark circles, reduce skin ageing, and hydrate skin

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • FDA approved

Plum bright under-eye recovery gel is a groundbreaking under-eye gel. It is incredibly light and efficient in combating dark circles, wrinkles, and dull skin.

However, it is the best cream for dark circles in India. It’s regular usage has been clinically proven to decrease dark circles and is suitable for all skin types.

Additionally, it is plant-based argan oil, plant betain, and olive oil derivatives that hydrate your delicate under-eye skin to perfection, leaving it looking bright and fresh every morning.

You can apply a little dab of under-eye gel around your eyes and massage them gently. Allow 15 minutes for the effects to sink in before leaving or going to sleep.

Lastly, it is FDA-approved and suitable for men and women. It is free from SLS, cruelty, paraben, sulfate. It is the best dark circle removal cream.

Price = ₹ ₹

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

best eye cream for dark circles


  • Special ingredients: 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid

  • Uses: dark circles, puffiness

  • Suitable for all skin type

  • MVE delivery technology

  • Dermatologist recommended

CeraVe eye repair cream can help you appear your best by smoothing and brightening this sensitive skin.

However, it contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide to hydrate the skin while repairing its natural barrier.

Moreover, CeraVe eye repair cream is ophthalmologist-approved, which is safe to use near the eyes.

CeraVe eye repair cream has a marine & botanical complex that helps to brighten the eye region.

Furthermore, it is fragrance-free, non-greasy eye cream. It also contains essential ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, as well as proprietary MVE delivery technology, which releases moisture for long-lasting skin hydration.

Price = ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹

The Face Shop Eye Cream

best eye cream


  • Special ingredients: herb complex, celendula extract and hyaluronic acid

  • Uses: moisturizing and soothing 

  • Suitable for all skin type

  • Reduce sensitivity

The Face Shop Calendula essential moisture eye cream is a gentle eye cream that moisturizes and soothes the delicate skin around the eyes with a 10% concentration of calendula flower extract.

However, it comes with the top 6 herbs that are excellent in relieving irritated skin with the power of comfort, such as chamomile, lily, which helps the delicate skin around the eyes to rehydrate and soothe.

Moreover, calendula extract will provide delicate and essential treatment to your skin. Calendula extract contains powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, calming, and rejuvenating properties.

Additionally, Calendula improves the skin’s protective function, speeds up cell regeneration, and helps to strengthen and smooth the skin. The cream also contains a relaxing plant combination (extracts of chamomile, cornflower, rooibos, lily, sage, and borage), as well as hyaluronic acid, which improve the cream’s moisturizing and soothing properties.

It’s a non-greasy, lightweight eye cream that moisturises and soothes the delicate skin around the eyes.

It provides a moisture-calming effect to your delicate skin, which recent climatic changes have strained.

Smoothes out the skin and locks in the advantages of the previous products.

Price = ₹ ₹

Buying Guide For Best Eye Cream In India

If you’ve never used an under-eye cream before or have had problems with prior ones, you’ll need a helpful shopping guide.

So, the next time you go shopping for an under-eye cream, keep the following considerations in mind:


Make sure the under-eye cream you’re using is devoid of harmful ingredients like SLS, parabens, and sulphates. This may be verified by visiting their website or looking at the bottle itself.

If you have a strong sensitivity to scent, choose an under-eye cream that does not include any synthetic aromas.

Furthermore, we recommend that you select one that has been dermatologist-tested. This ensures the authenticity and safety of the product.


The texture of under-eye creams should be creamy and light. This is required for a simple and rapid application. Furthermore, no oily or heavy residue should be left behind.

3.Type Of Skin

It should go without saying, but only use an under-eye cream that is appropriate for your skin type.

There are several under-eye creams for different skin types. If you’re unsure, go with the one that’s suited for all skin types.

This can help you avoid unpleasant side effects such as acne, pimples, or burning.


Regardless of the brand, the components will ultimately determine the product’s effectiveness and outcomes. So choose an under-eye cream with natural and calming components.

Natural, organic, and chemical-free components are the safer option. This will prevent the lotion from causing any extra redness or swelling.

Aside from that, stay away from items that contain chemical components. Under-eye creams like these might have serious adverse effects.


With each passing day, companies come up with new ways to make their products more appealing.

When it comes to under-eye creams, several firms sell them with a massage roller. Is this, however, necessary?

Yes, it is both necessary and beneficial.

Rollerball massagers in under-eye creams can assist you apply the product. It can also enhance blood circulation in that location, resulting in speedier outcomes.

Aside from that, make sure the container is strong enough to allow you to take the cream about without spilling it.

10 Advantages Of Under Eye Creams

Even if you don’t believe you need it right now, eye cream is a great way to maintain your skin firm and supple in the future. However, there are several more reasons to utilize it. Here are 10 of the advantages of using eye cream regularly:

1.It can help to preserve and strengthen sensitive skin.

Under-eye skin is thinner and more susceptible to irritants than the rest of the face. Ingredients in eye creams particularly target this to increase the area’s resistance.

2.It reduces the appearance of puffiness.

Sleep deprivation, allergies, and age can all contribute to puffiness caused by fluid accumulation. Ingredients that decrease these obvious indications of weariness can be found in the best eye creams.

3.It aids in the reduction of dark circles.

Natural eye creams are packed with healthy botanicals that help to reduce the appearance of discoloration and brighten the skin.

4.Eye cream provides customized hydration.

Eye cream delivers the specific hydration that the delicate skin around your eyes requires. It accomplishes this with exactly the appropriate amount of chemicals that won’t irritate or dry up the skin more.

5.It aids in the evenness of skin tone.

Skin that has been nourished and moisturized seems to be brighter and healthier. You’ve got a bright, even skin tone when you add in revitalizing vitamins that keep buildup and irritants at bay.

6.Eye cream helps to prevent the appearance of common ageing symptoms.

Dehydration and environmental stresses are two major causes of dull, weary, and slack-looking skin. Antioxidants and moisture-giving components in a natural eye cream (like our own Eyes Eyes Baby) can help keep these aggressors at bay.

7.It helps to prepare your skin for makeup application.

Eye creams are excellent in smoothing and reducing the appearance of dark patches and puffiness around the eyes. This ensures that concealer is applied evenly and that it does not accumulate in expression lines during the day.

8.Eye cream revitalizes a region that sees a lot of wear and tear.

The skin surrounding our eyes loses part of its elasticity as we get older. When you combine it with unpleasant outside elements, irritants, and the millions of facial expressions we make throughout our lives, you have skin that could use some TLC. Eye creams are aimed at restoring the skin’s natural beauty.

9.It calms and relaxes weary eyes.

It soothes your under-eye area. Eye creams include relaxing and nutritious ingredients. They can be rich and creamy or light and non-greasy, with a slight chill to them. Let forth a sigh of relief.

10.It can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Another benefit of well-chosen antioxidants, vitamins, and hydrators? Wrinkles and expression lines are reduced due to the smoothing and rejuvenating of the skin.

Final Thought

After reading the complete article about the best under-eye cream in India, we hope you got the complete information about the topic.

A good under-eye cream can help with various issues, including puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, eye bags, and wrinkles. All of the advantages are detailed above. There are several reasons to get an under-eye cream and none to avoid doing so.

Please read the complete information about the product as under eye cream is used for sensitive area and wrong product can give you side effects.

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