Top 10 Best Weight Gainer Supplements In India

If you are underweight or lean or want to put on weight then this article about the best weight gainer supplements in India is for you.

Most of the people around us think that it is difficult to reduce weight and easy to gain weight but the reality is, for some people gaining weight is very difficult because of their body type and high metabolism rate.

You can’t just gain weight by exercising in the gym but you also need to take the right amount of carbohydrates and protein according to your body weight in order to gain weight and muscle.

For some people, it is easy to take the total amount of calories through their meals but many of us because of our busy lifestyle we are unable to take the total number of calorie through our meals that why it is recommendable to take weight gainer.

Best Weight Gainer Supplements In India

How Are Weight Gainers Defined?

A mass gainer is essentially a powdered meal. It is primarily composed of carbohydrates (70%) with a moderate amount of protein (20-30% ) and some fats (5-10% ). A standard serving of mass gainer contains 1000 calories, 200g of carbohydrate, 25g of protein, and 10g of fat.

10 Best Weight Gainer Supplements In India Reviewed

Now the question arises: which is the best weight gainer supplements in India?? Well, when I was 21 years old I was underweight as my weight was around 45 kg, at that age, I start researching about the best weight gainer supplement in India.

After my own 8+ years of experience in exercise and consuming weight gainer supplements personally, I recommend you the top ten best weight gainer supplements in India as listed below.

MuscleXP Weight Gainer

best mass gainer supplement in india


  • 57gm Carbohydrate per 75gm Serving

  • 11gm Protein per 75gm Serving 

  • 1.0gm Fat per 75gm Serving

  • 0.0gm Sugar per 75gm Serving

  • 1.0 Dietary Fiber per 75gm Serving

  • Comes in Chocolate Flavour

  • Vegetarian Product

MuscleXP weight gainer shakes is well known for its essential nutrients (vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin B6, etc) that help in healthy weight gain by providing vital nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Another feature of this mass gainer is that it puts together high-quality tri-blend protein sources to provide muscle-building amino acids. The majority of best protein without side-effects comes from clean, fast-digesting whey protein concentrate, making this mass gainer the best weight gainer supplements in India.

Plus, MuscleXP weight gainer supplement also includes digezyme that offers much more than just aiding proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients. It is the best mass gainer in India without side effects

Each 75 gm serving of musclexp weight gainer with water has 292 kilocalories, 11 gm muscle-building protein, and 52 gm carbohydrates, which are good enough ingredients to increase your weight.

Moreover, the supplement comes fortified with 25 essential vitamins and minerals, covering all aspects of sports performance, from fighting fatigue to protecting your body’s cells from oxidative stress.


  • You can intake it even though you’re not exercising.
  • Flavored with double chocolate.
  • Recommended for females also.
  • Loaded with digestive enzymes.
  • 26 essential vitamins and minerals.


  • You can experience some weight loss once you stop consuming.

MightyX Anabolic Mass Gainer

weight gain powder for females in india


  • 65gm Carbohydrate per 100gm Serving

  • 20gm Protein per 100gm Serving

  • 5.0gm Fat per 100gm Serving

  • 16gm Sugar per 100gm Serving

  • Comes in Chocolate Flavour

  • Vegetarian Supplement

Our runner-up for the best weight gain supplements for skinny guys is the mighty anabolic mass gainer. It has the perfect blend of whey protein mixed with glutamine, creatine, minerals & vitamins. All of which would provide essential nutrients for maximum mass gain.

We like this weight gainer supplement because of its superior digestive protein quality, which delivers muscle boosting nutrients, increasing muscles faster and more effectively, leads to an increase in size and strength. That is how it is the best weight gainer supplements in India.

Additionally, it also consists of creatine, which boosts power and strength into the muscles to increase the workout’s intensity.

Enriches anabolic drive & lean muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis and preventing muscle protein breakdown.

All in all, it is the best weight gainer in India as it is perfect in carbs & protein ratio. It is specifically formulated in the ideal proportion of carbs/fat/protein used by professional bodybuilders.


  • Faster muscle growth
  • Chocolate flavour
  • Helps in boosting immunity
  • Boost power and strength in muscle
  • 2gms of protein per serving
  • Help in muscle recovery


  • Little expensive

GNC Pro Weight Gainer

best mass gainer in india without side effects


  • 400gm Carbohydrate per 485gm Serving

  • 50gm Protein per 485gm Serving

  • 8gm Fat per 485gm Serving

  • 0.0gm Sugar per 485gm Serving

  • 5.0gm Dietary Fiber per 485gm Serving

  • Comes in Dark Chocolate Flavour

  • Vegan Product

GNC weight gainer is the best weight gainer supplement without side effects as it is designed to digest and release varied intervals throughout the day to ensure your muscles get the amino acids when they need them.

Moreover, it has BCAA present in the product helps reduce muscle breakdown during exercise.

What makes this mass gainer different is the digestive enzymes present in the product help aid protein and carbohydrate when required by the body, making this product the best weight gainer for skinny guys.

Therefore, the high-quality protein in a wellness formula made this weight gainer the best mass gainer in 2021.


  • Vegetarian product
  • Consists of high quality protein
  • Essential amino acids


  • Expensive

MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL

top 10 weight gainer in india


  • 75gm Carbohydrate per 100gm Serving

  • 15gm Protein per 100gm Serving

  • 2.0gm Fat per 100gm Serving

  • 0.0gm Sugar per 100gm Serving

  • 118mg Added Enzymes per 100gm Serving

  • Comes in 2 Flavour

  • Vegetarian Product

MuscleBlaze super gainer XXL has been expertly formulated for top fitness enthusiasts seeking to build massive muscles and want to gain weight. This gainer formula has a 1:5 ratio of protein to carbs, which provides your body with much-needed fuel.

Additionally, each serving of MuscleBlaze gainer contains 15g of protein from various slow and rapid release protein sources and it is the best weight gainer for men.

Moreover, with 375 kcal per serving, this gainer offers a robust and steady release of calories to feed your muscles for extended periods.

Furthermore, it includes 27 vital vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the immune system and regulate the body’s enzymes. Additionally, it contains nutritional fibre and enzymes for digestion.

However, this gainer has no trans fats or added sugar and comes in various tasty flavors.


  • 27 vitamins and minerals
  • Zero added sugar
  • 1:5 protein and carbohydrate ratio
  • Fast and slow metabolizing carbohydrates.
  • Comes in two delicious flavor


  • Show effective result with proper workout

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Mass Gainer 

supplement for weight gain in india


  • 252gm Carbohydrate per 334gm Serving

  • 50gm Protein per 334 Serving

  • 4.5gm Fat per 334 Serving

  • 20gm Sugar per 334 Serving

  • 4.0gm Dietary Fiber per 334 Serving

  • Comes in 2 Flavour

  • Non-Vegetarian Product

Optimum Nutrition(ON) mass gainer is a high-calorie weight gainer that aids in weight gain and muscle development. Each serving contains around 1,250 calories (2 Scoops and Varies by Flavor).

Each serving contains 50 grams of protein and more than 250 grams of carbs. Additionally, it includes 25 vitamins and minerals, as well as creatine and glutamine.

You may prepare a gainer shake by blending fresh or frozen fruits, peanut butter, almonds, and other calorie-dense meals in an electric blender to increase your weight gain potential (2 scoops per 710 ml in milk or water).

Additionally, ON serious mass gainer is created in the United States but is presently manufactured in India as part of the make in India project.

Additionally, it is ISO 14001 & 22000 accredited and authorized by India’s food safety regulatory body.


  • Comes with 25 vitamins and minerals
  • Support muscle growth
  • Comes with six digit code for authentication
  • Contain glutamine and creatine per serving
  • Comes in two delicious flavor


  • Non-vegetarian product

Advance Muscle Mass Gainer

 best mass gainer supplement in india


  • 23.4gm Carbohydrates per 34gm Serving

  • 7.15gm Protein per 34gm Serving

  • 2.1gm Fat per 34gm Serving

  • 2.04gm Sugar per 34gm Serving

  • 0.68gm Dietary Fiber per 34gm Serving

  • Chocolate Flavour

  • Vegetarian Product

Advance muscle mass gainer comprises just whey concentrate as the primary source of protein, and the popular chocolate flavour provides a delectable taste.

Additionally, it provides 7.15g protein, 23.4g carbohydrates, and 22 vitamins and minerals per serving. It also contains creatine, glutamine, and digestive enzymes.

It aids in muscle recovery following an exercise and aids in weight and muscle mass increase. It is the best mass gainer for skinny guys in India.

Use 200-250 ml water/milk and a shaker or hand blender to create a homogenous mixture.

It is suggested to take this supplement with breakfast, post-workout, bedtime, or as directed by your trainer. Consume three times daily in conjunction with your usual diet for at least one month to notice weight and muscle mass increase.


  • Whey protein from USA
  • Comes with 22 vitamins and minerals
  • Contain digestive enzymes
  • Contain creatine to improve the endurance and strength
  • Banned substance free


  • Not recommended for people with poor digestion system
  • Comes in one flavor

Nutrimuscle Mass Gainer

weight gain powder for male


  • 88gm Carbohydrate per 100gm

  • 10gm Protein per 100gm

  • 2.0 Fat per 100gm

  • 17.5gm Sugar per 100gm

  • Comes in 2 Flavour

  • Vegetarian Product

Nutrimuscle mass gainer is a high-protein mass gainer made with imported whey protein from the United States. It is the best weight gainer for beginners.

Additionally, it contributes necessary amino acids and BCAAs to the body’s ability to handle heavy weight exercise.

Moreover, this supplement contains pancreatin, a multi-enzyme combination that increases nutritional absorption and makes it the best supplement for weight gain in India.

Furthermore, it is well-suited for rapid bulk gain exercise. Complex carbs of superior quality help to prevent a quick spike in blood sugar levels. Increased calorie intake and a protein-rich diet promote muscular growth.


  • Comes in two different flavor
  • Contain digestive enzymes
  • No banned substance
  • Gluten free
  • Super fast absorption
  • Vegetarian product
  • Economical in price


  • Show effective result with proper workout

Sinew Nutrition Weight Gainer Pro

best gainer in india


  • 70.1gm Carbohydrate per 100gm

  • 11.7gm Protein per 100gm

  • 2.7gm Fat per 100gm

  • 2.2 gm Sugar per 100 gms

  • 60mg Digestive Enzymes per 100gm

  • Comes in 6 Different Flavours

  • Vegetarian Product

Sinew nutrition weight gainer pro is a protein supplement with a high biological value that promotes muscle and weight gain and it comes in the category of top 10 weight gainer in India.

Additionally, each meal offers 11.7g protein, 70.1g carbohydrates, 475 calories, and 4.6g BCAAs (daily recommended dosage).

Each serving of weight gainer pro, on the other hand, contains vitamins and minerals that aid in post-workout recovery which makes it the best weight gainer.

Additionally, the addition of digestive enzymes and fibre aids in improved digestion and protein and energy absorption.

You can mix effortlessly with a blender, shaker or spoon. The delicious vanilla flavor is versatile in making protein shakes, smoothies and recipes.


  • Added digestive enzymes
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Comes in 6 delicious flavors
  • Quickly absorb micro and macro nutrients
  • Contain essential amino acids


  • Chocolate flavor is too sweet
  • Doesn’t taste well with hot milk

Endura Advance Mass Gainer

indian gainer


  • 70gm Carbohydrate per 100gm

  • 16gm Protein per 100gm

  • 8.0gm fat per 100gm

  • 9.0gm Sugar per 100gm

  • Comes in 2 Flavour

  • Vegetarian Product

Endura advance mass gainer promotes rapid muscle growth and assists you in maintaining an adequate calorie intake, which is critical throughout any mass gaining cycle.

Additionally, it contains premium maltodextrin and a protein mixture supplemented with additional BCAA, which gives sufficient energy for your demanding activities.

Additionally, protein blend weight gainer contains both fast-acting whey and slow-acting soy for continuous muscle feeding.


  • Comes in 2 delicious flavor
  • Ensures ultra fast muscle gain
  • Contain BCAA for your strenuous workouts
  • Contain essential vitamin and minerals
  • Vegetarian supplement


  • Not recommended for people with gastric problem

Strava Advance Weight Gainer

best muscle gainer in india


  • 25.3gm Carbohydrate per 34gm Serving

  • 5.1gm Protein per 34gm Serving

  • 1.20gm Fat per 34gm Serving

  • 4.5gm Sugar per 34gm Serving

  • 1.5gm Dietary Fiber per 34gm Serving

  • Chocolate Flavoured 

  • Vegetarian Product

Strava advance weight gainer is a healthy way to gain weight and is suitable for males and females with a sedentary lifestyle.

However, this product delivers 25.3gm of high-quality carbohydrates equivalent to 141 kcal of energy per serving of the heaping spoon along with 5.1gm of high-quality proteins and 21 vitamins & minerals.

Moreover, it has whey protein concentrate, which is a significant ingredient also considered the most superior form of protein in this weight gainer.

Consumers aiming for muscle and weight gain should mix one scoop in 180-200 ml water and take 1-2 shakes per day.


  • Whey protein from USA
  • Contain mixer of digestive enzymes
  • 21 vitamin and minerals
  • All ingredients used are of international quality
  • No banned substance
  • Economical in price
  • Vegetarian supplement


  • Not recommended people with any gas or stomach Issues

Buying Guide For Weight Gainer Supplement

If you are purchasing a weight gainer powder, make sure whether it is vegetarian or not. The product selected will assist you in achieving your ideal body and trust, and therefore cannot go wrong. The market has an abundance of weight gainers.

Before choosing one that is right for you, consider the following:


Cost is critical because weight gaining powder is a daily necessity for at least 2-3 months, and you would need to drink it two or three times a day, so choose an affordable powder, or weight gainer that fits your pocket size well is mandatory.


The majority of weight gainer supplement on the market contain toxic chemicals such as steroids or dope. Thus, choose a weight gainer after reading the nutritional facts label. Without added chemicals, weight gainers can work better for you and have no adverse effect on your body.


To ensure, is your weight gain healthy? You need to check the components of it. A weight gainer should contain a balance of carbohydrates and proteins. Following are the components which one must go through before purchasing a weight gainer.


Vitamins are an organic compound that all humans need up to a certain point. Vitamins are necessary for normal development and growth.

Vitamins must be present in a certain quantity at a specific time; these nutrients aid in chemical reactions and contribute to the growth of muscle tissue in the body. Do read the information label to check your weight gainer contains maximum vitamins for your body.


Protein helps you gain muscle mass; it is not a vitamin, but its amino acids aid muscle repair and development. Proteins are essential for the body’s metabolism since they secrete amino acids.

Protein deficiency may have a profound effect on the metabolism and reproduction of cells, resulting in additional consequences.


Creatine is not a necessary nutrient since it synthesizes in the human body from amino acids. Creatine is well-known among bodybuilders and athletes; it aids in mass muscle gain.

Creatine is converted to phosphocreatine and stored in muscles, where it acts as a fuel source during strenuous workouts; it also aids in the development of lean muscle mass.

Consumption of carbohydrates

Increased carbohydrate intake can aid in weight gain. If you want to develop lean muscle, it is important to consume carbohydrates in a controlled manner.

It serves as a fuel source for your body and aids in muscle growth. Carbohydrate consumption may result in the burning of energy, and as a result, our bodies tend to store excess carbohydrates as fat, which is the primary cause of weight gain.

It also contributes to blood sugar elevation.

How To Use Weight Gainer For Best Results?

The bodyweight of a person follows a simple logic. When one’s calorie intake exceeds their calorie expenditure, the extra calories are stored as body weight. You burn calories while you exercise as well, which is incredibly beneficial.

Instead of determining how much weight gainer to take based on your current body weight, think about how much weight you want to gain.

To grow up to 1.5 kg of muscle every month, follow these steps: 2 daily doses of weight gainer (1 serving during breakfast and 1 serving after workout or at least 4 hours after the first intake)

To gain up to 2.25 kg of muscle every month, follow these steps: 3 daily doses of weight gainer (1 serving during breakfast, 1 after a workout, and 1 before going to bed)

To grow up to 3 kg of muscle every month, follow these steps: 4 daily servings of weight gainer (2 servings during breakfast, 1 after the workout, and last before going to bed)

To gain up to 4.5 kg of muscle every month, follow these steps: 5 daily doses of weight gainer (2 servings during breakfast, 1 after the workout, and 2 servings again before going to bed)

If you want to gain more weight, we recommend starting with a lower dose of weight gainer and gradually increasing it based on your comfort level. It’s worth noting that each serving of a decent weight gainer typically contains approximately 300 calories of nutrients.

Note: Weigh yourself on a weight machine before taking a weight gainer supplement to track your weight gain.

Difference Between Weight Gainer, Muscle Mass Gainer And Muscle Gainer

As a beginner, we take all three gainers (weight gainer, muscle mass gainer, muscle gainer) to be the same. But if we look at its ingredients, they vary from each other in their nutritional value. All three gainers are consumed for different purposes. Let us talk in detail about all three gainers.

Weight Gainer

Weight gainers contain the maximum amount of carbohydrates and a minimum amount of protein per serving. It helps increase fat in your body as carbohydrate is the primary source for increasing body weight, and it does not focus too much on increasing your muscle weight.

If you are underweight say you are under 50kgs, you should only buy weight gainers. Weight gainers are the most economical gainer amongst all.

Muscle Mass Gainer

Muscle mass gainer has less amount of carbohydrates and more amount of protein as compared with a weight gainer. However, they both help you in gaining your weight. Muscle mass gainer helps you to focus more on your muscle as compared to a weight gainer.

Muscle Gainer

Muscle gainer has the maximum amount of protein and has fewer carbohydrates as its primary focus is to increase your weight by increasing your muscle size or muscle weight.

It helps you gain lean body mass, and it is the best weight gain powder for men. It has the maximum amount of protein in its serving that why it is the most expensive weight gainer.

How To Consume Weight Gainer For Best Results

Many newbies complain that they have taken weight gainer, face some digestion issues, or dint get the desired results. In most weight gainers, the company’s serving size remains on the higher side for the beginners.

For example,
If we talk about GNC pro performance weight gainer, they mentioned 485 gms weight gainer to intake per serving.

As a beginner who already has a slow digestion process, it becomes difficult to digest 485 gms of weight gainer per serving and lead to digestion problems.

If you have purchase mass gainer for the first time, you have to intake 40-50 gms of weight gainer with milk, and you can also include banana, brown bread with peanut butter or dry fruits.

You don’t need to stick with the same quantity of 40-50 gms per serving, and you should increase the amount of weight gainer every week as you feel comfortable and ease in your digestion process so that you can increase your calories intake also.

Best Time To Intake Weight Gainer

Friends it is recommended to take weight gainer post work out for best results. If you do a workout in the evening, you can take once in the morning and once after a workout, and if you are doing an exercise in the morning, you can do vice-versa.

Suppose you are not doing any workout or exercise and you are underweight. In that case, it is recommended to take weight gainer once in the morning and once in the evening and do light activities like walking, push-ups, etc., so that you can digest it properly.

How To Use Weight Gainer Properly: Step-By-Step Instructions

If you’re unsure about how to take a weight gainer with milk and water, we’d advise you to take it with either milk or water. The only difference is that you consume around 120 calories and 8 grams of protein fewer when you take the weight gainer supplement with water. Let’s go through the step-by-step directions for taking weight gainer correctly:

Choose periods when the body’s nutrient absorption and muscle-building rates are at their peak, for instance, after an exercise and just after waking up after a nap. Anyway, there’s no harm in taking the weight gainer whenever it’s convenient for you; however, the times listed above are the finest.

We recommend creating the weight gainer smoothie in a shaker or blender, thoroughly mixed so that it mixes effectively with the solvent (milk or water).

Consume the shake right away since the powder might settle and create colloids, so there’s no need to wait for the environment to react to your shake.

The number of times you take the weight gainer and the quantity you take is determined by your muscle-building goals. Still, a slow start with a lesser dose is recommended so that our bodies can acclimatize to the altering calorie supply.

Advantages Of A Weight Gainer

Mass gainers contain a lot of carbohydrates. These carbs provide you with the necessary energy, which is quite beneficial during a strenuous workout.

2.Contains whey protein of high quality
Whey Protein, an excellent supplement for bodybuilding, is found in high concentrations in mass gainers. Certain muscle gainers also contain dietary fat. This dietary fat can help you get a slim body.

3.Assists muscle growth & recovery
Mass gainers aid in muscle healing and development. This is especially useful if you follow a regular bodybuilding routine since you need to attain desired outcomes, which necessitates a healthy muscle recovery process in order to stay focused and consistent with your training.

4.Minerals & vitamins blend
Mass gainers help you stay active and healthy. They are a well-balanced blend of minerals and vitamins that provide essential sustenance for your body’s health and fitness.

Fiber is present in mass gainers. This helps to prevent bloating and promotes digestion. It’s an excellent method to improve your general health and fitness.

6.Prevents you from snacking on junk food
Most people believe that eating junk food daily will cause you to gain weight. Whatever the case may be, it will assist you in gaining weight, but it will be pretty harmful.
You’ll need a mass gainer to gain a healthy weight that will benefit you in the long term. You will see obvious muscle growth and weight gain since it contains all of the required ingredients.

Precautions To Take When Taking Weight Gainers

Consume In Moderate Amounts
You will not grow muscle size or strength if you consume too much mass gainer. Instead, it will result in a dangerous weight increase. Consume mass gainers in small amounts to avoid negative consequences.
You have two options: follow the instructions on the bulk gainer bottle or seek medical advice.

Keep Hydrated While Using Mass Gainers
It’s important to stay hydrated while using mass gainers, especially if your mass gainer contains creatine. This will aid in the detoxification of your body via your liver.

Do Not Consume All Of The Liquid At Once.
You will feel nauseated for hours if you drink your mass gainer all at once. As a result, it’s better to consume few sips at a time.

Before Consuming A Mass Gainer, Always Consult Your Doctor
Weight loss or trouble gaining weight might be caused by a variety of factors, including a health problem. So, before you make a decision, consult with a physician.

List Of Lifestyle Change For Weight Gain

  • Prepare yourself to eat even if you aren’t hungry.
  • Set a timer for every two hours to remind yourself to eat.
  • Make your extra eating times as pleasurable as possible. For example, have your favorite snack items in the fridge and pantry.
  • To aid muscle building, consume little amounts of protein meals before and after each resistance training session.
  • Accept the possibility of bloating or gas as a result of increasing your food consumption.
  • Prepare to put on some weight as well. It’s impossible to gain muscle mass without simultaneously gaining weight.

Side-effects Of Weight Gain Powder

Kidney Problems

Kidney problems are commonly linked to the use of weight gain powder. Weight gain powder, on the other hand, is an indirect cause of kidney stones since it makes body hormones vulnerable to it.

Liver issues have been observed as a result of inadvertently ingesting weight gain powder. When used with alcohol, the health supplement is lethal.

Muscle Pulls And Cramps

People sometimes exercise too hard with false expectations. This presumed approach might lead to a lack of adequate hydration flow, resulting in muscular pulls and cramps.

Breathing Issues

Improper weight gain powder use has also been linked to breathing issues. Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and even asthma have all been related to incorrect dosages of this health supplement. You should avoid Weight-loss supplements if you have a respiratory problem.

Nausea And Diarrhea

If health supplements stay insoluble in the stomach, one of the rare symptoms of incorrect weight growth powder consumption is nausea and diarrhea.

Weight Growth Pills Might Cause Harmful Weight Gain

If used in excess, weight gain supplements can cause unhealthy weight gain. It has the potential to add unwanted fat to your body. Unused calories are turned into fat when your training program does not match your weight gain supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to get the best result with your best weight gainer?
To get the best result, you need to focus on your diet with weight gainer intake. It is recommended to exercise, which helps you digest your calories quickly, which gives the best result on your body.

2.Is exercising mandatory with weight gainer?
It is not compulsory to exercise while taking weight gainer. To get the best result, we recommend you do some form of exercise if you are unable to perform heavy workout(weight lifting). It helps you in better digestion and absorption.

3.What to intake with weight gainer for getting the best results?
You can take weight gainer with milk. You can also mix your weight gainer with a banana shake with the toping of dry fruits on it for better results.

4.As a beginner, what quantity we should intake weight gainer?
It is recommended to take 40-50 gms of weight gainer in your first week of the course and start to increase your quantity with every week as you feel comfortable with your digestion system.

5.Is taking a weight gainer healthy for one’s health?
Weight gainers might be anything, but they aren’t bad for you. Weight gainers are perfect for individuals suffering from malnutrition, whose food is not sufficient for their weight gain, or those who work out at the gym regularly unless you have a major dietary problem like bulimia.

6.Is it safe to consume Mass Gainer before going to bed?
Several athletes use mass gainers twice a day, first before working out and before going to bed.
You can drink mass gainer before bed because there is no scientific evidence that it is dangerous. If it makes you feel nauseated, though, you should avoid it.

7.Is it possible to utilize weight gainers without going to the gym?
A weight gainer is a supplement that helps you gain weight by increasing your calorie consumption. Our bodies require energy and protein to recuperate from exercise.

Therefore if you utilize it while exercising, you will gain muscle mass. If you use it without engaging in any physical activity, you will gain weight, but it will all be fat.

Final Thought

Although India’s best weight gainer is available in various brands and at different prices, please take the complete information before buying.

Most importantly, it is consumed by the underweight/ skinny people to increase their body weight and to build strength and muscle in their body.

The best weight gainer supplement in India is made to provide you required carbohydrates, proteins, and amino acids for your body, which increase your weight and strengthen your muscle.

Everything thing written in the above article is just our opinions. if you have any additional information or any question regarding this topic, do comment us below.

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