Top 10 Cheap And Best Cycles In India

If you are looking for cheap and best cycles in India then this article is written for you. Do read it till the end.

In today’s world, everybody wants to stay fit and healthy. After covid-19 people have chosen the best way to exercise is cycling so this article is for every individual who is looking for cheap and best cycles in India.

I am going to tell you about the list of cycles that will not drain your pocket. After cycling for 3+ years I am able to gather all the information about cheap and best cycles in India and I am super excited to share all the detailed information with you guys.

Cheap And Best Cycles In India

What Can You Expect From A Bicycle Priced Between ₹5000- ₹9000?

If you’re seeking the greatest cycle of around 5000-9000 , bear in mind that you won’t get much. In such circumstances, we recommend looking for a single-speed bicycle without gears. It’s probably not a smart idea to ride a bicycle with gears or suspensions.

A nice bike to ride about town for 30 minutes to an hour would be the finest bicycle under 5000. Consider bicycles with a basic frame, good wheels, and a drivetrain suitable for cycling on both flat and incline routes.

What factors should you think about while purchasing cheap and best cycles in India?

  • Take a check at the brakes to see how good they are.
  • Make sure the rims are in good shape and constructed of quality materials.
  • At this price point, a single-speed transmission is suitable.
  • It would be best if you avoided those with gears and suspensions.

Cheap And Best Cycles In India Reviewed

Cycling is the best form of exercise, and if your bicycle is comfortable, you love riding it. Below is the cheap and best cycle in India:

Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle

cycles under 6000

Key Features





The Great Sleek, trendy design and Stylish MTB hashtag are built to conquer any road or trail with ease.

The frame is Aerodynamic designed to reduce air friction.

Additionally, this model has double-wall Alloy Rims with lightweight, high tensile rims for ultimate road performance.

Most importantly, it has high-quality double disc brakes on front, and rear wheels ensure stable and quick braking.

Furthermore, easily adjust saddle height with quick release, attractive grips, wide tires provide excellent roll, and a cushioned, stable ride.

Besides its adjustable saddle height, it is suitable for a rider with a height of 5 feet to 5 feet 7 inches tall as it cycles for adults.


  • Comes in three colors
  • Front and back disc brakes
  • Adjustable saddle upto 6 feet person
  • Unisex MTB


  • No gears
  • No suspension

Hero Kyoto Mountain Bike

hero sprint kyoto

Key Features





Along with that, you will love this product because this cycle delivers in semi-assembled condition (85% assembled). 

In Hero cycles, this falls in the category of the cheap and best cycle in India under 6000INR in 2021

Additionally, this model has tyre size 26 inches and its parts(ex tube) are readily available in the market with an economical price. 

Frame Size of 18 inches gives a right height to the bicycle for adults of 12+ years with minimum rider height of 5ft 4 inches and max rider height of 5ft 10inches

Another highlight to this model is it gives you ‘V’ brakes in front and rear tyre, which provides you with smooth braking while riding.

As we count this model in the cheap and best cycles in India, it has Single Speed gear system in other words; this cycle comes without any gears.

If we talk about Frame’s quality, this model has a Steel material frame and rigid suspension.

More to above details, this cycle comes with Allen Key & Spanner, Stand, Front and back Reflectors.


  • Unisex cycle
  • Economical in price
  • Front and back light reflector
  • Adjustable PU saddle
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Easy to assemble


  • No gears

Kross Bolt Single Speed

cycle price in india

Key Features





Our runner-up for the cheap and best cycles in India comes ‘Kross Bolt 26T Single Speed’ cycle for its Attractive sporty frame design for durability and safety.

Moreover, this cycle model has heavy-duty tires for better comfort and a road grip that provides you with a pleasurable and comfortable ride.

Another highlight in this model is Pu foam saddle with spring for extra comfort and cushioning.

Plus, anti-skid tires with unique grippers for slippery riding conditions.

Another essential point, the bicycle is best suited for fast daily commutes and shorter Weekend rides and thanks to its sturdy and robust steel frame which is less prone to damage and easy to maintain in the long run.


  • Sporty looks
  • Light in weight
  • Can upgrade to gear cycle
  • Mudguard, bottle holder and stand included
  • Comfortable ride for 6 feet person


  • None

Hercules MTB Turbodrive Dynamite R20

cheap and best cycles in india

Key Features






Hercules MTB turbo drive dynamite R20 has a stylish double tube IC frame with wider tires and a comfy saddle.

Moreover, this cycle gives flying plastic fenders with the cycle to protect you from dirty water during the rainy season and also gives you a sporty look.

If we talk about suspension it provides you dual sport full suspension that gives you a smooth ride on all terrains, especially roads with potholes.

Turbo drive chain cover protects your clothes from greasing stains that you get while cycling.

This cycle has a decent frame size of 20 inches and a wheel size of 26 that is perfect for an adult.

Plus, it provides you effective ‘V’ brakes which are easy to maintain, and aero soft grips for comfortable gripping.


  • Front and back suspension
  • Front and back mudguard
  • Soft handle grip
  • Stylish frame
  • Comes with chain cover
  • Front and back reflector


  • Can’t upgrade to gears

Avon Buke Shadow

gear cycles below 6000

Key Features






Avon Buke shadows 26T ideal cycle for the age group of 12+ years with a minimum rider height of 5 ft 4 inches and max rider height of 5 ft 10 inch.

As the cycle is meant for adult riders it has a wheel size of 26 inches and a frame size of 16.1 inches.

However, this cycle has Front Disc Brake and Rear V Brakes with single speed gears which make this cycle cheap and the best cycle in India.

Moreover, the Avon Buke cycle has a steel frame material and only front Suspension for a smooth riding experience.

Furthermore, you get Mudguard, cycle Stand, and front/rear reflectors.


  • Front suspension
  • Front disc brake
  • Front and back mudguard
  • Bottle holder
  • Front and rear reflectors


  • None

Omobike 1.0 Hybrid Cycle

best cycle under 5000







Omobikes 1.0 lightweight cycle is the year’s most fashionable, colourful, and sleek cycle.

Additionally, it is the lightest bicycle in its category (only 12.9kg) for riders aged 12 to 35.

Additionally, the quick-adjust seat makes it simple to ride for riders ranging in height from 5 foot 2 inches to 6 feet.

However, the high-tensile steel frame with double anti-rust coating and vibrant double-wall alloy rims was tested with a 95Kg load.

Additionally, road bike tyres (26 x 1.75) with a two-year frame warranty.


  • Light in weight
  • Durable
  • Comes with free accessories( stand, mudguard, bell, tools, lock)
  • Double wall alloy rim
  • Stylish bike


  • No suspension
  • No disc brakes

Hercules Flunk RF

best cycle under 6000







Hercules Flunk RF has a tire size of 29 inches and frame size of 17 inches and comes at an economical price.

However, this bicycle is ideal for 12+ years with a minimum rider height of 5 ft 4 inches and a maximum rider height of 5 ft 10 inches.

Moreover, it has single speed gear and front brake and rear disc brakes.

If we talk about the frame of the cycle, the Hercules flunk cycle had steel as a frame material and rigid suspension.

Additional, this cycle comes with a mudguard, front reflector, side stand, and spoke reflector.


  • Economical in price
  • Front and back disc brakes
  • Comes with side stand, reflectors and mudguard
  • Maximum rider weight up to 100kgs


  • No suspension

Cyclo Stryder Harris Cycle

bicycle without gear







Cyclo India Stryder Harris has 27.5 inches wheel size with double-wall alloy and 19 inches frame.

It has single-speed gear with a front disc brake and rear ‘V’ brakes.

Moreover, a material used in the frame is steel and has a front suspension for a smooth ride on the bumpy road.

Furthermore, this cycle has padded PU with a quick-release saddle and ideal for adults aged 14 and above.

Additionally, it has reflectorized pedals for safely riding this cycle at night.


  • Steel telescopic thread-less suspension fork
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Front suspension
  • Manufactured by Tata Stryder


  • It has ‘V’ brake in rear tyre

Leader Scout MTB

best gear cycle under 6000







Leader Scout MTB comes with a T-type handlebar with a handgrip, explicitly designed to keep comfortable riding with soft Rubber Grips for comfortable long rides.

However, it has front and back caliper brakes, built for ease of use and maintenance with excellent braking power. It is designed to provide proper braking control on all terrains.

Moreover, it comes with a height-adjustable PU saddle with a reinforced plastic shell. You can adjust the saddle to achieve a comfortable sitting position for different heights.

It has 26 inches high-quality rubber tires with long life. It is a specially selected tire tread design for better traction in wet/dry conditions and different terrains.

It has an 18-inch Hi-tensile steel frame with an ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable ride for the rider.

Additionally, this cycle comes with a stand and chain cover.


  • Economical in price
  • Light in weight
  • High grip handle bar
  • Comes with chain guard
  • Sporty look


  • No suspension
  • Doesn’t comes with disc brakes

Hercules Dynor RF

cheap cycles in india







Hercules Dynor RF has a tire size of 26 inches and a frame size of 18 inches, making this cycle best for adults.

Plus, it gives you a minimum rider height of 5 ft 4 inches, maximum rider height of 5 ft 10 inches.

However, it has a front brake ‘V’ brake and rear brake ‘V’ brake, which gives you a low-maintenance braking system.

Moreover, this cycle comes with single-speed gear and frame material of steel with rigid suspension. It is the best cycle under 6000


  • Economical in price
  • Comes with accessories(side stand and reflectors)
  • Light in weight
  • Stylish sleek design
  • Power brakes with alloy lever


  • Doesn’t comes with disc brakes
  • No suspension

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Cycle


Any bicycle with good enough features starts from 7000INR to 8000INR and goes upto 100,000INR. The first thing you need to consider is what your budget is?

Generally, in India, the regular budget for buying a cycle usually is 15000INR; You can get a suitable bicycle with gears in that budget.

Types Of Cycles

  1. Road bike
  2. Hybrid bike 
  3. MTB(Mountain bike)

Road Bike

Road bikes are good to ride on roads, and you can not do off-road riding with this bicycle. This cycle has a slim tyre. Mostly, all professional cyclists ride road bikes, and you need slightly bend down while riding it.

The road bike is the fastest cycle to ride as pedaling is smooth as compared with others.

Hybrid Bike 

This cycle combines both a road bike and an MTB bike features, for riding in the city is the best choice.

It gives the best performance and speed (with its slim tyres) on city roads as it has features from both road bike and mtb bikes.

MTB (Mountain Bike)

It is the most popular bike. In India, 80% of the population use this bike. MTB bike is an all-rounder cycle you can ride for off-roading and also ride on roads.

It has a slow speed as pedaling is hard as compared with other categories of cycles.

The fat bike also come into this category 


Gears play an essential role in the cycle. In most of the bikes, we get Shimano gears in India. Well, the quality of the gears does matter for buying your bicycle.

Well, many people want gears in their cycle, and others prefer to cycle without gear. If you are looking for the best cycle under 5000 INR, you have to take a cycle without gears.

If you have a budget around 15000 INR, then do prefer gears. Gears help you climb hills easily with your bicycle, or if you riding in city gears gives an enjoyable ride if there is any inclination. 


There are three types of brake in cycle

  1. ‘V’ brake
  2. Mechanical disc brake
  3. Hydraulic disc brake 

‘V’ Brake

V’ brake is the V shape brake. ‘V’ brake comes in most of the bicycle under 5000. ‘V’ brakes do not work well in all weather conditions like rain etc. Else it works perfectly in other weather.

Mechanical Disc Brake

The mechanical disc brake is a better option than ‘V’ brakes and works perfectly in every weather.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

These brakes come in all high ended cycle as this brake system is the best as compared with the other two and gives you a very smooth braking experience


In Cycles, there are three types of wheel size

  1. Twenty-six inches wheel
  2. Twenty-seven and a half inches wheel
  3. Twenty-nine inches wheel

26 inches are readily available and are economical in price as compared with other wheel sizes

The Twenty seven and a half inches wheel and its parts are not readily available in the market, and we don’t recommend to buy cycle with wheel size Twenty seven and a half inches.

Twenty-nine inches wheel is the most oversized wheel diameter available in the market, and it costlier than other wheels. Twenty-nine inches wheel gives you a smooth ride if you are on the road with too many potholes.

Benefits Of Cycling Over Running

Cycling and running are two aerobic sports that share a lot of similarities. Both offer considerable health advantages and encourage individuals to be outside. These are some of the reasons why cycling is a far more efficient mode of transportation than jogging.

1) You can see locations far away from home

Cycling is an excellent activity since it allows you to go vast distances to see sections of your province or city that you would otherwise miss. Runners cover significantly shorter distances than walkers. Therefore they can’t see nearly as much.

2) When it comes to riding, it’s all about speed.

Cycling is an exciting activity to participate in because of the high speeds you can achieve on a bike.

While runners worry about their speed over a single kilometer, cyclists may often rocket along at an adrenaline-inducing rate, especially on descents. In contrast to ordinary bikers, even the quickest runners are sluggish.

3) Cycling clothing is much more comfortable.

Cycling clothing is similar to high fashion in that it comes in a variety of bright and stunning styles. Cyclists take pleasure in having a well-coordinated appearance when riding.

On the other hand, runners wear a t-shirt and don’t give a second thought to whether or not the colors match their shoelaces.

4) Cycling is also enjoyable.

While running is unquestionably a more minimalistic activity, cycling is undoubtedly more enjoyable with all gear.

Cyclists have many exciting items to think about, like gorgeous bikes to aspire to ride, new wheels, handlebars, groupsets, seats, handlebar tape, power meters, bike computers, and even tyres.

5) Prototyping

One of the most enjoyable elements of cycling is riding with a large group of people of all fitness levels. Drafting, which allows some people in a group to do significantly less work than others, is one of the reasons cycling with people of varying skills is possible.

It isn’t easy to keep a large group of runners of various skills together unless they’re all running extremely slowly. The strongest cyclists can spend more time at the front of the pack, while others profit from their draught.

6) You may cycle for extended periods.

Cyclists regularly go on rides that last two, three, or four hours or longer without being fully depleted.

On the other hand, running for that long is incredibly exhausting. Make cycling your passion if you want to spend more time doing it since you can spend a lot of time riding your bike on bright summer weekends.

7) Transportation that is both efficient and cost-effective

Bike commuting is a very efficient mode of transportation in metropolitan settings. There’s a reason why so many individuals prefer to ride their bikes instead of driving, taking public transit, or running to go from point A to point B.

If you commute by running, you’ll need to change into fresh clothes and shower. Cycling may be done at a considerably slower speed when wearing casual clothing.

8) Coffee and snack stops

It’s extremely normal for a group of cyclists to stop for a snack and a cup of coffee at a charming little cafe in the middle of a trip.

You don’t have the mid-run leisure feeling of just sitting back with a good cortado and chatting with your buddies when you’re jogging.

9) More enjoyable and diverse disciplines

Cycling has so many distinct disciplines that a wide range of individuals can enjoy it in various settings. Road biking is not the same as downhill riding, and mountain biking takes place on forest trails, while cyclocross takes place on artificial tracks. These enjoyable activities need a wide range of abilities, bicycles, and fitness levels.

Running includes various disciplines, but it always boils down to placing one foot in front of the other a bit quicker than the person next to you.

10) Cycling vacations are far superior to running vacations.

Cycling tourism will take you to some very spectacular locations. In North America, Europe, and beyond, cyclists go to the world’s most magnificent mountain ranges, attractive rural regions, secluded islands, and great trail networks to ride iconic mountain passes and highways.

On the other hand, runners want to attend major events such as Boston or run wherever possible.

11) It’s more strategic, and there’s more collaboration.

Cycling is a very tactical sport, whereas running is typically won by the fittest. As a result, improving in the sport is far more difficult than merely getting fitter.

To be a great cyclist, you must increase your fitness and have excellent bike handling abilities and the ability to read a race. A keen sense of timing is required, and a well-coordinated team of riders can defeat a fitter individual.

Advantages Of Riding Bicycle

1.Better blood circulation in the body

2.Best workout for lower body

3.Works on building body muscles 

4.Better body strength

5.Cost effective way of commuting

6.Better overall health

7.Increase social interaction while riding cycle in groups.

Frequently Asked Question

1.How to make your ride more enjoyable?
I suggest you buy a cycle with gears if you want to enjoy your ride. Many of us do not have a gear cycle or ride cycles under 5000 INR; then, they should choose a flat road or terrain for riding, making their ride comfortable.

2.Do gears help in breaking your speed record?
Gears never help you break your speed record it always helps to make your ride easy and comfortable if you’re riding in ascending direction.

3.How did cycle gear work?
Well, we have written a detailed article regarding this topic. You can read this informative article ‘How cycle gears work?

4.What mandatory accessories to buy while buying cycle?
The utmost accessories that one should buy while purchasing a bicycle is the helmet. It is unavoidable when it comes to safety.

We should also buy front torchlight and back reflector light if you plan for a night ride.

We also recommend buying elbow caps and knee cap protector for riding.

5.Do we need to buy an air pump with our cycle?
It is recommended to buy an air pump with a cycle if you cycle for a short distance, say within 5kms.

But if we ride you your bicycle for more than that or say you love exploring long-distance ride, then it is necessary to carry air pump and essential toolkit along with you.

6.Is the gear cycle suitable for a beginner?
Yes, the gear cycle is suitable for beginners due to its extremely comfortable seat, improved acceleration, and solid construction. It’s ideal for all types of riding, including uphill, downhill, cross-country, endurance, and mud.

Even when they are completely exhausted, beginners can ride a geared cycle with relatively little effort.

Bottom Line | Cheap And Best cycles In India

Well, starting cycling as your part of your exercising routine it is recommendable that one should not burn a hole in their pocket thus, buy a cycle which is pocket friendly to start with.

All the above cycle are economical and best to ride in any terrains.

Well, it required a lot of reading and market surveys to write this article about cheap and best cycles for adults.

Hope you love reading the whole article and find it to be informative and please provide a suggestion if you have any regarding to this topic

Thank you.

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