How Does Fitness Band Track Sleep

Have you wondered how does fitness band track sleep? How can the fitness band differentiate between what portion of our sleep is a light sleep portion or what portion of our sleep is a deep sleep portion? or how fitness bands works?

Well, I bet you have wondered because I do it every day, like how this device can measure every bit of our sleep?

Almost all the companies provide sleeping detecting sensors in fitness band whether your buying fitness band worth 1000INR or 100,000INR

How Does Fitness Band Track Sleep

In this article, I will tell you exactly how does fitness band track sleep. Before telling you how does fitness band track sleep, I will give you an overview of how does fitbit track sleep stages.

Sleeping Cycle

How does fitness band track sleep
How does fitness band track sleep

Our sleeping cycle consists of three different phases first is known as a light sleep phase. The second phase is known as the deep sleep phase, and the third phase is known as the rem phase.

So when you go to bed, you initially begin to sleep; you officially enter into your sleeping cycle’s light sleep phase. During this phase, you make few body movements like turn and twisting to prepare your body and mind to enter into a deep sleep phase.

Slowly during the night, as time progresses, your body movement starts to reduce as your body gets more and more comfortable, and you begin to enter into the second phase, the deep sleep phase of your sleeping cycle.

Now during the deep sleep phase, what happened, your heart rate reduces significantly, and your body movement became almost equivalent to zero. 

So this is how you enter into your deep sleep phase, and this deep sleep phase lasts around 20-40 minutes depending upon person to person, and as the time progress, you slowly enter into the third phase, which is rem phase of your sleeping cycle

Now, what is the rem phase? It is known as the rapid eye movement phase. During this phase of your sleeping cycle, your eyeballs tend to move from left to right at a very fast pace, so that is why it is known as rapid eye movement.

Well, in this phase of the sleeping cycle, you get dreams. Like other sleeping phases, this phase also lasts for the next 20-40 mins as an average human sleeps. As time progresses, the rem phase also ends, and you slowly transition back to the light sleep phase.

How does fitness band track sleep
How does fitness band track sleep

So, during the entire course of sleep, these three sleeping phases, light sleep phase, deep sleep phase, or rem phase, occur again and again so, basically how an average sleeping pattern or sleeping cycle looks like

Now the question is, how does a fitness band track your sleep?

The fitness band comes with sensors. One of the sensors is an acceleration sensor, and the other sensor is the heart rate sensor.

As I have told you above, our body movement became almost zero during our deep sleep, and our heartbeat reduces significantly, so that is how the Fitbit measures our deep sleep.

During sleep, our heart rate sensor and acceleration sensor detects that our heartbeats have reduced significantly, and there is no movement.

So, considering these two parameters, the fitness watch concludes that you have entered a deep sleep phase of your sleeping cycle.

During the light phase sleeping cycle, your heartbeat has not reduced significantly. Still, your body movement certainly reduces, so based on this fitness tracker, conclude that you are into the light sleep phase of your sleeping cycle.

So this how does a fitbit track sleep or measures our sleeping pattern.

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