How Fitness Band Works

Have you ever thought about what all it has in a fitness band that can track your fitness activities? or how a fitness band works? This article will tell all about how do fitness trackers work and all the features it has.

Many people have preferred exercising at home using a resistance band for increasing strength, and with the help of a fitness band, they track all their activities to reach their desired goals.

How Fitness Band Works

In today’s world, most of us must be having fitness bands, or you must be planning to buy a new fitness tracker band soon. Your smartphone provides some of your fitness band features, where the primary component is almost the same as in the fitness band.

Still, in a fitness tracker, there is some impressive hardware that your smartphone does not have, whether your smartphone has all the latest features.

It can be the case if you are buying a fitness tracker worth rupees 5000, consist of hardware for tracking your fitness that is more advance as compared with your smartphone because it is only made to measure your fitness.

It is designed only to calculate how many steps you take, how long you sleep, and when you wake up or what was your heart rate, and so on. Your smartphone can provide you with all the information, but the fitness band gives you more detailed and specific information about your fitness regime.

How Fitness Band Tracks Steps

The basic that comes with every fitness band is an accelerometer and pedometer. It helps you count the number of steps you traveled and the total distance you traveled while walking or running.

However, you can also use your smartphone to count the number of steps with a step tracker app. One of the drawbacks that come with the smartphone is that you can’t tie your smartphone on your wrist for proper step counting.

Otherwise, if you keep your phone in the pocket, it will not work efficiently because of the pocket’s unusual movement. Other than that, it is not necessary, you always have your phone in your hand.

 If you wear a fitness tracker band on your wrist, you can extract accurate information about the number of steps you traveled.

How Fitness Band Monitors Your Heart Rate

A fitness band, with the help of an optical heart-rate sensor, monitors your heart rate. In an optical heart-rate sensor, you have led light that travels through your veins and reflects, through which you know your heart rate.

Other than this, you have some advanced versions where you have some extra features as well. With the help of your skin impedance, you will come to know about your body’s blood flow.

In some fitness trackers, you have terrific capabilities, in terms of motion sensors. With the help of an accelerometer and gyroscope, it tells you what kind of activity you are performing.

If you are walking, running, swimming or you’re doing other types of activities, it automatically locks that activity in its app. 

How fitness band track sleep?

Fitness trackers measure your quality of sleep. It tells gives you data when you were in deep sleep or light sleep. You get all the information with the help of an accelerometer and an optical heart-rate sensor. 

It analyzes all your body movement, such as how long your body is in the same position and how frequently you move your body or sit idle.

For example, the fitness band will warn you that you dint shown any movement for an hour or two and suggest walking a bite, which is the latest technology in the fitness band.

How Does Fitbit Calculate Calories Burned

It also gives you complete knowledge about how many calories you have burnt. Still, just like steps, this data is 95%-98% accurate because you have to put in the data in the Fitbit app like what’s your age, height, weight, gender which help you to calculate your BMR.

For more accurate information, you have put in more data like what activities you have performed, how long you have performed, your heart rate, and how long you took to complete activities.

With all this information, you will estimate the number of calories you have burnt through your Fitbit app. You also manually put in all food you eat.

After that, it calculates what calories you had through your food or your calorie input, and how much you have burnt through your activities. Through this information, you will come to know that you are on the right track for your fitness regime or not.

Well, it gives you complete information and guides for all your fitness regimes. As I already said, this information is not 100 percent accurate.

Still, yes, it gives you the motivation that how many steps you traveled throughout your day or what is your heart rate and you can continuously monitor your heart rate or how much you sleep, but it’s not that fitness tracker will make you fit, for that you only have to work out hard.

It’s the only indication of your fitness regime that your in the right direction or not.

It gives you the motivation to compare your walk from yesterday; if you walked 1 km yesterday, you could increase your walk today. If you slept less yesterday today, you could sleep more.

The technology it has is marvelous with a good variety of sensors, battery, display, and different types of a monitor, all in a small band that you can wear on your wrist, giving you a whole day data log.

Nowadays fitness trackers come in really budgeted price say under 2000-3000. Otherwise, the fitness tracker was known as a luxury watch, but now you mostly get all sensors at a budgeted cost.

Please comment below which fitness tracker you wear. what you plan to buy, or whatsoever experience you have related to the fitness tracker and how you find this article about how fitness band works.

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