Facts About How To Take Creatine Supplement That Will Improve Your Fitness

Many people do not know how to take creatine supplements, and this article will provide you with complete information about how and when you should intake creatine supplement.

If we are regular to our gym routine and serious about our muscle growth, adding creatine to our supplements will help you achieve your goal.

How To Take Creatine Supplement?

Well, there are two ways of taking creatine 

1.Loading Method

In loading, you will have to intake 20 gms of creatine for six days continuously. Then after six days, you have to maintain 3gms-5gms of dosage per day.

2. No Loading Method

You don’t have to take an initial 20gms of protein for the first six days in no loading. From the first day, you can start taking 3gms -5gms of Creatine per day.

In my opinion, you get the same benefits both ways. But I recommend you to take no loading method, i.e., you can take 3-5g of Creatine per day for the rest of your life.

When To Take Creatine?

If you follow the loading method, you have to divide 20gms into 3-4 doses per day.

And If you follow the no loading method, you need to intake 3gms-5 gms of creatine per day post-workout; it will be more beneficial. 

What is Creatine

Creatine is a natural substance produced in your liver, kidney, and pancreas of your body.

How Creatine Function In Our Body?

Creatine helps increase ATP cells in your body, and most of you know that ATP cell is the primary source of energy.

It implies that if you intake more creatine, the higher your ATP level will be, and more ATP means more energy, thereby increasing your overall body performance.

In non-vegetarians, people get creatine from their natural protein diet like fishchicken, etc., whereas vegetarians get creatine from a limited source such as dairy products.

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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Creatine?

How to take Creatine Supplement
How to take Creatine Supplement

Increase In Strength

Creatine helps in the increase of ATP, and ATP helps in the increase of energy. If your body is fully loaded with energy, then automatically, you will have better strength.

Increase In Lean Muscle Mass

Consumption of Creatine helps to hold water in your muscle, which leads to an increase in muscle volume. This is the short term gain, but in the long term, if you keep consuming Creatine, then it leads to a rise in your strength, which makes your exercising performance better, and you can lift heavy weights easily. With all this process, your muscle significantly grows.

Better Brain Functioning

ATP plays a vital role in your brain functioning. In other words, more ATP means better brain functioning. If you’re taking Creatine, it will boost your ATP, your brain functioning improves, like the clarity of thoughts and mental ability and logical reasoning, etc.

Regulates Your Blood Sugar

Many studies show that Creatine helps to control blood sugar levels in your body. For people who have diabetes, Creatine is quite useful.

 Which form Of Creatine Is The Best?

1.Micronized Creatine 

2.Creatine ethyl ester

3.Creatine monohydrate

4.Creatine Nitrate

5.Buffered Creatine

6.Creatine HCL

Among all the above, creatine monohydrate is one of the best forms of Creatine to consume because it absorbs 99% in your body, and when compared with other creatine, it is cheaper also. It is readily available in the market as well.

Frequently Asked Question About Creatine Supplement

1.What should be the Creatine cycle?

Some gymgoers say that one should take creatine continuously for three weeks, then you give a break of a week and, some say you should take creatine for like eight weeks then give a break of two weeks and, then continue.

Well, all the above statements are wrong. Creatine is a natural supplement, and you can take creatine regularly throughout your life.

2.Does creatine impact our kidneys?

Many people believe that the intake of creatine can lead to kidney issues.

None of the studies proves that creatine intake leads to kidney problems, but, yes, if you already have some kidney disease, you should consult your doctor before taking creatine.

3.Do we lose muscle when we stop taking creatine?

Many people say that when you stop your creatine course, the muscle you have gained, you tend to lose it.

But in reality, it’s not true. It is just that the time when you stop consuming creatine right from that day to the sixth week, you come to the average level of ATP in your body, which was on a higher side because you were taking creatine, which leads to a decrease in your strength.
But it is a false statement once you discontinue taking creatine your muscle mass will decrease.

4.It is beneficial if taken with carbs?

No, you can take creatine just with water, which provides you with the same benefit. We suggest you take creatine with your post-workout protein shake. Then it gives you its maximum benefits. 

5.Are there any side effects of creatine intake?

Creatine is a natural supplement, more to it; it is the safest supplement to intake. But some people can have an upset stomach. In that case, you can continue taking creatine supplements and increase your water intake.

Who Should It Benefit The Most?

Vegan people will benefit the most because as they don’t consume non-veg, they have a low amount of creatine in their body.

Who Should Avoid Creatine?

People in weight-restricted sports should avoid creatine like MMA, trekking, etc., because of creatine, you initially have water retention, leading to increased weight.

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